qPCR miRNA Profiling Kits


   abm's Whole Genome miRNA Profiling Kits (human and mouse) are provided in ready-to-use 384-well array plates. Each kit contains three complete sets of plates with specific miRNA primers for every human (1034) or mouse (726) miRNAs, as annotated by the Sanger miRBase Release 16. Each plate also contains 4 endogenous reference RNA controls. In addition, free, complimentary qPCR Mastermix is included with each kit, sufficient for three sets of whole genome profiling based on a total reaction volume of 10ul. Similar products from competitors do not include qPCR Mastermix, which would cost an extra $450-$900 depending on the supplier.

      For more information about our qPCR miRNA Arrays please visit the FAQ page or the Profiling Service page for full service profiling.

   Highlight Features:
  • Complete Genome Coverage.
  • Highest Sensitivty and Specificity.
  • Fastest Turnaround.

Performance Data: