One-Step BrightGreen qRT-PCR

Convenient real-time RNA quantification in one-step. abm’s One-Step BrightGreen qRT-PCR Kit uses a combination of high-quality enzymes in a proprietary buffer system to deliver precise and accurate sample analysis in a high-throughput format. This kit offers ultimate convenience to the end-user in addition to guaranteed performance with respect to high sensitivity, superb signal-to noise ratio, and complete elimination of primer dimers. The One-Step BrightGreen qRT-PCR Kit utilizes a mutated recombinant M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase which exhibits limited RNase H activity. RNaseOFF Ribonuclease Inhibitor and a proprietary RTase additive are blended into the RTase’s storage buffer to protect RNA template from degradation and to improve the fidelity during reverse transcription. The chemically modified Hotstart Taq polymerase, included in our MasterMix, significantly reduces non-specific PCR amplification observed with regular Taq polymerase. The user-friendly one-step/single tube setup minimizes the chance of introducing human-error and contamination. Overall, abm’s One-Step BrightGreen qRT-PCR Kit demonstrates market-leading sensitivity, efficiency, and reliability. 

Key Features • Streamlined protocol in a simple single-tube reaction set-up • High-quality, full-length cDNA from as little as 0.01pg of RNA • Fully optimized for detection of low-copy genes • Simple set-up for any RNA template • Reduces pipetting steps to minimize the risk of contamination

Please refer to our qPCR MasterMix Selection Guide under Document to select the appropriate qPCR formulation applicable to your particular instrument model. This kit includes 50X qRT-PCR Enzyme Mix and BrightGreen qPCR MasterMix 

Notes 1. Aliquot reagents to avoid contamination and to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. 2. Primer concentration should not be high, a concentration of 100 nM to 300 nM of each primer usually gives the best results. 3. A very effective way to get tight Ct among replicates is to reduce pipetting error, this can be achieved by: preparing amplicon specific pre-mix, using repeating pipet, and keeping pipetting volume in manufacture suggested range. 4. For optimal results, it is recommended that the primers are 18-22 nucleotides in length with a Tm of 58°C-60°C and the size of target is less than 150 bp. This product is distributed for laboratory research only. Caution: Not for diagnostic use.

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