Mycoplasma Elimination Cocktail - Prediluted

G3992 x 1.0ml



Mycoplasma contamination is one of the most challenging problems of daily cell culture since commonly used antibiotics in cell culture are not effective against mycoplasma contamination. Mycoplasma can damage precious cell lines by inducing chromosome aberrations, changes in cell morphology, and cell growth. For this reason, scientists at abm have developed a PCR-based assay for mycoplasma contamination detection (PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit (G238)) and Mycoplasma Elimination Cocktail. Compared to similar products on the market, our Mycoplasma Elimination Cocktail is much more potent; it can eliminate over 50 different species of mycoplasma contamination, with only 4 treatments. In addition, no toxicity was shown in any cell line undergoing mycoplasma elimination treatment using our Mycoplasma Elimination Cocktail.

Usage-Direct addition of cocktail to cell culture medium – no change to routine cell culture methods needed.
-Effectively eliminates over 50 types of mycoplasma species – broad range.
-Not cytotoxic to most mammalian cell lines.
-Eliminates mycoplasma in less than 2 weeks (4 cell passages).
Storage ConditionStore at -20°C
Unit quantity2 x 1.0ml

Supporting Protocol




        What is the basis of the positive control in the mycoplasma kit?
        It is DNA fragments containing proprietary sequences diluted in medium.
        I noticed the product arrived with precipitation. Is that normal?
        That is normal as the contents are concentrated. You may warm the product in a 37 degrees Celsius water bath until the sample has completely dissolved.
        What size dish or flasks do you recommend the cells should be cultured in?
        We encourage customers to culture their cells in either a 6-well plate or 10 cm plate.

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