OneScript® Hot cDNA Synthesis Kit

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OneScript® Hot cDNA Synthesis Kit
OneScript® Hot cDNA Synthesis Kit

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    OneScript® Hot cDNA Synthesis Kit is the first kit in the world that allows for efficient and robust cDNA synthesis at 60ºC. All other cDNA synthesis kits on the market are optimized for the reaction to be performed at 42-55ºC, which is sufficient for most RNA template, but fails on more difficult templates. abm is the only company in the world to have a reverse transcriptase engineered to offer superior cDNA synthesis performance with even the most challenging RNA samples due to its incredible thermostability at 60-72ºC.

    The enzyme is a mutational derivative of Moloney-Murine Leukemia Virus Reverse Transcriptase, that can reverse transcribe low abundance or degraded RNA, and has significantly better resistance to contaminating inhibitors such as reagents used during RNA extraction and contaminants from biological samples. High processivity and sensitivity allow for rapid cDNA synthesis of full-length cDNA fragments in a fraction of the time of leading competitors. OneScript® Hot is formulated with abm’s RNaseOFF Ribonuclease Inhibitor offering improved resistance to oxidation compared to the high oxidation-sensitive human RNase inhibitors. RNaseOFF is stable even under very low concentrations of DTT (< 1 mM), making it the best choice for ultimate RNA protection.

    Product Features:

    • Extremely thermostable cDNA synthesis at 60-72ºC
    • Transcribes degraded samples and resists inhibitors/contaminants
    • High cDNA yields from difficult or ultra-low RNA samples
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    ISO 13485:2016 MDSAP Certified

    ISO 13485:2016 MDSAP Certified
    Our RT-PCR Products are manufactured under a Quality Management System conforming with ISO 13485:2016 as certified by Intertek (a MDSAP recognized auditing organization).


    Product ComponentQuantity
    OneScript® Hot Reverse Transcriptase 100 rxn (100 µl)
    5X RT Buffer 400 µl
    Oligo(dT) (10 μM) 100 µl
    Random Primers (10 μM) 100 µl
    dNTP (10 mM) 100 µl
    Nuclease-Free H2O 2 x 1.0 ml

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    Storage Condition

    Store at -20°C.

    Unit quantity100 rxn

    What temperature should I choose when using OneScript® Hot Reverse Transcriptase enzyme?
    OneScript® Hot Reverse Transcriptase has activity from 50°C-80°C, however, the optimal temperature is 60°C. Depending on the sample input, experimental optimization may be required to determine the best suitable temperature for your reaction.

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