DNA/RNAfectin™ Plus Transfection Reagent

Cat. No.
1 ml
Cat. No. G2900
Name DNA/RNAfectin™ Plus Transfection Reagent

Poly(ethyleneimine) is a branched chain polymer having a ratio of 1:2:1 of primary:secondary:tertiary amines with a branching site every 3–3.5 nitrogen atoms and a general backbone of (CH2CH2NH)x. The polymer has a cationic charge when the nitrogen atoms are protonated, so the charge density is pH dependent. There is essentially no active monomer present.

Polyethyleneimine or PEI is a efficient polymeric transfection reagent, compatible for a wide range of cell lines and/or cell types including the most commonly used cells, such as HEK293 and CHO, grown in adherent and suspension cultures.

This product is supplied as a 50% (w/v) aqueous solution.

Unit 1 ml

Transfection Assay

Storage Condition Store at 4ºC. Do not freeze.
Material Citation If use of this material results in a scientific publication, please cite the material in the following manner: Applied Biological Materials Inc, Cat. No. G2900
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