Pro Ligation-Free Cloning Kit (20 reactions)

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Pro Ligation-Free Cloning Kit (20 reactions)
Pro Ligation-Free Cloning Kit (20 reactions)

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    DescriptionThe Pro Ligation-Free Cloning Kit allows for the robust assembly of multiple DNA fragments in one step. Using a ligation-independent cloning method, as many as six DNA fragments are assembled seamlessly without concern for restriction enzyme site availability. abm’s Pro Ligation-Free cloning is a simple yet highly versatile method to rapidly clone highly complex, multiple component constructs.
    Unit quantity20 Reactions
    1. Rapid multi-fragment cloning and assembly of whole vector constructs.
    2. Clone in a promoter, gene, and tag, all in one step.
    3. Rapid assembly of CRISPR multiplex gRNA vectors in one step.

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