Safe-Green™ 2X PCR Taq MasterMix

G4725.0 ml (200 Rxns)

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Safe-Green™ 2X PCR Taq MasterMix
Safe-Green™ 2X PCR Taq MasterMix

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    Description Everything you need for PCR amplification and instant band visualization, in a single solution. abm’s Safe-Green? 2X PCR Taq MasterMix contains all necessary reagents for PCR along with a non-mutagenic Safe-Green? reagent which allows immediate visualization of amplified PCR product. This innovative MasterMix offers improved biosafety, time savings and ultimate convenience for streamlining your PCR whilst eliminating hazardous ethidium bromide consumption completely. This MasterMix contains Xylene Cyanol and Orange G as electrophoresis dyes, with migration equivalent to 4000bp and 50bp DNA fragment on an agarose gel, respectively.
    Extension Speed (per minute)1 kb
    Target Length< 6kb

    • Routine PCR amplification of DNA templates up to 6 kb
    • Suitable for a wide range of PCR assays
    • TA cloning

    Concentration2X MasterMix
    Format5 x 1.0 ml vials (200 reactions)

    All Taq Polymerase products are ISO-13485 certified. 

    For Safe-Green™ 2X PCR Taq MasterMix (Cat. No. G472), it is strongly recommended to use the following DNA markers to analyze the PCR product:

    Safe-Green™ 100bp Opti-DNA Marker (Cat. No. G473)
    Safe-Green™ 1kb Opti-DNA Marker (Cat. No. G474)

    Safe-Green™ Excitation: λmax = 490 nm
    Safe-Green™ Emission: λmax = 525 nm

    Shipping Conditions

    Shipped on blue ice packs.

    Storage Condition

    Store all components at -25 °C to -15 °C in non-defrost cycle freezers.

    Unit quantity5.0 ml (200 Rxns)

    Will this kit interfere with the usage of restriction enzymes?
    It is fine to use restriction enzymes along with Cat# G472 Safe-Green™ 2X PCR Taq MasterMix. This MasterMix is compatible with all cloning needs. The end user can use this MasterMix to amplify the target, then treat the PCR products with the restriction enzymes. Our SafeGreen will not interfere with restriction enzymes.

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