Serum-Free ExPAND T Cell Culture Medium




abm has developed a specially formulated Serum-Free ExPAND T Cell culture medium for in vitro culture and optimal expansion of human T cells. It has already been reported that T cells expanded in the absence of human serum provide durable control of tumors. Engineered T cells expanded in an optimized medium in the absence of serum may improve therapeutic potential.
abm’s Serum-Free ExPAND T Cell culture medium consists of basal medium (470 ml) and T Cell Expansion Supplement (30 ml), which are to be mixed prior to use. Growth factors (IL-2 or other cytokines) and T cell activators, which are needed for the expansion of T cells, are not included with this kit, giving flexibility to the end user to supplement the medium according to their specific needs.


  • It supports swift and vigorous T cell expansion, enhancing productivity
  • It is compatible with bead-free activation of T cells
  • It maintains the expression profile of crucial T cell markers
  • It outperforms one of the most popular T cell expansion media currently available in the market in terms of T cell proliferation.

Our Serum-Free ExPAND T Cell Culture Medium is a defined xeno-free formulation, and does not contain bovine or other non-human, animal-derived components. It exhibits greater T cell expansion when compared to one of the most popular T cell expansion media currently available in the market and also a T cell medium with serum. Additionally, Flow cytometry and Next generation sequencing (NGS) of primary human T cells cultured in abm’s Serum-Free ExPAND T Cell Culture Medium showed that it maintains the expression profile of crucial T cell markers. Furthermore, it supports efficient lentiviral transduction of primary human T cells, allowing it be used as an ideal medium for CAR-T applications.


This kit has following components:

  • Serum-Free ExPAND T Cell Culture Basal Medium (TM149-1) (1 x 470 ml)
  • Serum-Free ExPAND T Cell Expansion Supplement (TM149-2) (1 x 30 ml)

To make supplemented medium, add 30 ml T Cell Expansion Supplement to 470 ml of basal medium. This supplemented medium must be appended with cytokines such as recombinant human IL-2 (Cat. #Z100489) or other cytokines as per desired application. Stimulation with T cell activation reagents like soluble or plate-bound CD3 antibody or CD3/CD28 antibodies is also required, but not provided.

Storage Condition

The optimal storage temperature of Basal Medium is 2-8°C. Protect from light. Do not freeze. The expiry date of the medium is listed on the bottle. T Cell Expansion Supplement can be stored at -20 °C.

Unit quantity500ml

Each lot has been fully tested and optimized for the ability to support the in vitro culture of human T cells. The parameters of testing include testing cell proliferation, viability and typical morphology of T cells.


For research use only and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic applications.
abm products are intended for laboratory research purposes only, unless noted otherwise. They are not intended for use in humans.
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