ultRNA Plus Column Purification Kit

G48950 Preparations



abm's ultRNA Column Purification Kit is a fast and efficient spin column method to purify total RNA from animal cells or tissues. Cells and tissues can be lysed and homogenized to release RNA, which then binds to the silica membrane filter in the RNA binding column. Purified total RNA eluted from the column will be of suitable quality for various downstream molecular biology applications such as RT-PCR, qRT-PCR, Northern blotting and more RNA-based analyses. The ultRNA Column Purification Kit can also be used to clean up RNA extracted by different methods or RNA samples from a variety of reactions. The ultRNA Plus Column Purification kit includes a gDNA filter designed to shear genomic DNA completely, minimize sample viscosity and DNA contamination. This kit is recommended for use with tissues and cell samples (>106 cells).

ApplicationsPurification and isolation of tRNA from numerous animal tissues or cells.
Storage ConditionStore all components of the kit at room temperature. Solutions will be stable for at least 1 year when kept tightly sealed.
Unit quantity50 Preparations

Is it suitable to extract miRNAs and long non coding RNA from human tissue?
The ultRNA Column Purification kit can effectively isolate RNA molecules longer than 200 nucleotides (roughly the same size as miRNAs).
Is it possible to use frozen blood sample with this kit?
Frozen blood samples have not yet been tested with this kit, however this should not be a problem.
What is the TE buffer used for?
The TE buffer is optional and is included because some prefer to use TE for elution. TE buffer can be used instead of elution buffer if needed.
Are the gDNA filters available separately?
Yes, the gDNA filters are packaged separately as we understand that not every end user is interested in using the gDNA filters.
Do the gDNA filters bind, and therefore remove genomic DNA?
The gDNA filters are specially designed to completely and consistently shear high molecular weight genomic DNA only, not bind genomic DNA. The benefits of gDNA filters: completely and consistently sheared genomic DNA in total RNA lysate and this will: (A) greatly decrease possible RNA purification column clogging and (B) greatly decrease genomic DNA contamination in RNA sample.
Is it applicable for total RNA extraction from fungal cell?
Yes, the kit can be used to purify total RNA from some Fungal cells, e.g. filament fungal cells. The whole procedures are almost exactly the same as that for mammalian cells. Just be sure that do not use too much Fungal cells.
is the kit applicable to extract RNA from Blood?
In principle, the kit can extract total RNA from blood sample directly but some modifications are needed. To start, the whole blood must be mixed with suitable anti-coagulant reagent. Coagulated blood is not suitable for RNA extraction. With whole blood of 100 ul in volume, we recommend to start with 350ul of Lysis Buffer and mix well. Please note further optimization may be required by the end user for their own experiment to maximize the RNA from the blood samples. Such methods include using higher volumes of Lysis buffer or collecting the cells via centrifugation prior to addition of Lysis buffer.

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