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3'UTR miRNA Reporter & Cell Line
      One of the most reliable, quantitative assays for the suppression of target genes by a specific miRNA is the utilization of a reporter gene such as luciferase or GFP. Using this system, any 3'UTR target site can be sub-cloned downstream of a reporter gene and co-transfected along with a specific miRNA expression vector into cells. Subsequent inhibition of reporter gene expression by the miRNA (when compared to appropriate controls) can serve to validate the regulation of the gene through a target site present on the 3'-UTR.

      To facilitate research into your genes of interest, we have developed a comprehensive 3'-UTR library of lentiviral vectors for all human genes, with a choice of luciferase or GFP reporter genes. A further advantage of using our lentiviral vectors is the flexibility of application for both direct transfection and viral infection methods.
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