Viral Transduction Enhancer

Boost viral transduction by 10X!



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Product Name Cat. No. Application Size Price
ViralEntry™ Transduction Enhancer (100X) G515 Lentivirus 1.0 ml $185
AAViralEntry™ Transduction Enhancer (100X) G516 AAV 1.0 ml $185

ViralEntry™ Transfection Reagent

ViralEntry™ is an effective lentivirus transduction enhancing reagent that increases transduction efficiency in diverse cell types, even lymphocytes, by up to 10X. We guarantee that this is the most effective viral transduction reagent in the industry and will provide a full refund if you find a transduction enhancer with superior performance compared to abm’s ViralEntry™ formulations.

Boost transduction efficiency up to 10X

Works with difficult cells (T & B cells)

Easy-to-use: add directly into media

Confident Results

abm's ViralEntry™ Transduction Enhancer boosts transduction efficiency by up to 10X in a broad range of cells. HEK293T, HeLa, K562, Primary Human T Cells, and Primary Swine Spleen Macrophages were transduced with Scrambled siRNA GFP Lentivirus (Cat. No. LVP015-G) without using a transduction enhancer and using abm's ViralEntry™ Transduction Enhancer (Cat. No. G515).

ViralEntry™ Transduction Enhancer (100X) G515

AAViralEntry™ Transfection Reagent

AAViralEntry™ is also available for enhancing AAV transduction efficiency with low cell toxicity.

Boosts transduction efficiency up to 10X

Works with all AAV serotypes

Easy-to-use: add directly into media

Superior Transduction Efficiency

abm's AAViralEntry™ Transduction Enhancer is effective at increasing AAV transduction efficiency. 20-30% confluent adherent HEK293T cells were infected with 5 μl of Scrambled AAV siRNA Control Virus (Serotype 2) (Cat. No. iAAV01502) in the absence (A) or presence (B) of AAViralEntry™ Transduction Enhancer (Cat. No. G516). GFP images were taken 24 hrs post infection.

AAViralEntry™ Transduction Enhancer (100X) G516

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