Custom CRISPR sgRNA AAV Vectors & Viruses

abm offers Custom All-in-One (Cas9 and sgRNA expressing) and sgRNA only expressing AAV Vectors and Viruses that will simplify and streamline your CRISPR/Cas9 experiment. Choose from our All-in-One system (featuring the smaller saCas9 variant) or our sgRNA only expression system and pair the latter with a Cas9-Expressing Stable Cell Line or spCas9 Nuclease or saCas9 Nuclease. Just tell us what you want to accomplish and we'll do the sgRNA design, cloning and viral packaging for you!

Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) is a popular choice for in vivo (and in vitro) applications due to its advantages: 1) ability to infect dividing and non-dividing cells, 2) broad host range that can be modulated by using different serotypes and 3) low immunogenicity and pathogenicity for high post-infection cell viability - making it ideal for gene therapy.

Available Custom CRISPR Vectors and Viruses:
AAV Vector
sgRNA for spCas9 Available Available Available Available
sgRNA for saCas9 Available - - -
All-in-One with spCas9 - Available Available -
All-in-One with saCas9 Available - - -
All-in-One with FnCas12a (FnCpf1) - Available - -
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"Construct works beautifully, definitely will get more if needed."

Emily Chen, UCLA, CRISPR Constructs

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Cloning Services
Service Name Vector Quantity Cat. No. Price
Custom CRISPR sgRNA AAV vector (for spCas9) – single target pAAV-U6-sgRNAsp-GFP-hGH-amp 1.0 ug C303 $145.00
Custom CRISPR sgRNA AAV vector (for spCas9) – set of three targets pAAV-U6-sgRNAsp-GFP-hGH-amp 3 x 1.0 ug C302 $345.00
Custom CRISPR sgRNA AAV vector (for saCas9) – single target pAAV-U6-sgRNAsa-GFP-hGH-amp 1.0 ug C305 $145.00
Custom CRISPR sgRNA AAV vector (for saCas9) – set of three targets pAAV-U6-sgRNAsa-GFP-hGH-amp 3 x 1.0 ug C304 $345.00
Custom CRISPR Cas9 All-in-One AAV vector (for saCas9) – single target pAAV-PGK-saCas9-U6-sgRNAsa-hGH-amp 1.0 ug C307 $195.00
Custom CRISPR Cas9 All-in-One AAV vector (for saCas9) – set of three targets pAAV-PGK-saCas9-U6-sgRNAsa-hGH-amp 3 x 1.0 ug C306 $465.00
AAV Viral Packaging Services

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Are your CRISPR sgRNA AAV replication deficient?
Yes, the replication and capsid genes are provided in trans when the AAV are produced, therefore the packaged virion only has the ITR sequences and the sgRNA (and All-in-One AAV have saCas9). Furthermore, the cis plasmid and rep/cap plasmid do not share any regions of homology, preventing the production of wild-type AAV through recombination system.
What is the packaging capacity for AAV?
The maximum insert size is < 4.4 kb.
Is AAV stable? What is the recommended storage temperature?
It is recommended to store AAV at -80˚C for long term storage. For short term, AAV is stable at 4˚C for up to three weeks without significant loss of activity.


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