CRISPR Custom Targeted Lentiviral sgRNA Library


CRISPR Custom Targeted Lentiviral sgRNA Library
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Please visit the CRISPR homepage for more information about genome editing with sgRNA.
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Service Details
Description Knockout up to 100 target genes with a single custom targeted sgRNA lentiviral pool. This custom product can be tailored to your specific experiments and is especially useful for the knockout of gene families and pathways. The pooled constructs and 1-2 ml of >1x107 IU/mL lentivirus will be provided. Please send your gene list (with species, gene name, and accession number) in Microsoft Excel file format to along with your order confirmation number.
Species Human, Mouse or Rat
Vector pLenti-U6-sgRNA-PGK-Neo
Bacterial Selection Ampicillin
Format Plasmid and virus
Appearance Liquid
Storage -80°C or below.
Shelf Life 1 year (when at -80°C or below in a non-frost free freezer).
Shipping Shipped on dry ice.
Quality Control Restriction Enzyme Digest and Sequencing
Caution This product is for research use only and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic applications. Please contact a technical service representative for more information.
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If I place an order for 100 target genes, what are the deliverables?
We will deliver 1 vial of ~100 ug plasmids, which is a pool of 300 sgRNA plasmids targeting 100 genes (i.e. 3 gRNA for each target gene), and 1 ml of concentrated packaged virus.

The deliverables will not be individual tubes of sgRNAs. It will be a single pool of all the sgRNA constructs.
What is the lead time?
The lead time is around 4-6 weeks.
Is Cas9 included in the package?
No, this can be ordered separately. We recommend using Cas9 Nuclease due to the number of sgRNA constructs included in the pool.
How do we detect which gene is knocked out?
We recommend detecting genome editing by performing a Surveyor assay, followed by Sanger sequencing for best results. RT-PCR may not be able to pick up the small differences in the sequences. Western blot may work, but if the antibody recognizes a region that is "upstream" of the mutation, it may still bind because the frameshift/early stop occurs after the InDel mutation.
How many vials of Cas9 Nuclease will be required?
The sgRNA plasmids will be supplied as a pool of lentiviral vectors and a single vial of at least 1mL of packaged virus will be supplied. Only a single tube of Cat# K002 (Cas9 Nuclease Lentiviral Vector) is required as it can be amplified by transforming into E.coli and isolating the DNA.

If Cat# K003 (Cas9 Nuclease Lentivirus) is ordered, the amount required will depend on how many different samples the end user is interested in infecting. If you are only working with a few cell ines, then 1 vial of Cat# K003 may be sufficient to infect the cell to generate stable cell lines expressing Cas9 Nuclease for use with the pool. If you are working with more cell lines, then more than 1 vial of Cat# K003 may be required.
What species is this service valid for?
Human, mouse or rat