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Leverage our diverse collection of vital cell biology tools and services to advance your research, saving your time. With years of expertise in the cell biology industry, abm scientists aim to deliver the highest quality and most complete collection of cell culture products and services—bringing you the newest technologies at prices you can afford. Fast-track your cell biology projects to success with abm and open up whole new facets of research!

Can’t find the cell line you are looking for? Contact us at [email protected]. Have cell lines you would like to license? Contact us at [email protected].
Technical Assets
  • Cell Culture – An Introduction
    Cell Culture – An Introduction
    Knowledge Base
  • Cell Culture Tutorial – An introduction
    Cell Culture Tutorial – An introduction
  • Cell Immortalization
    Cell Immortalization
  • Growth Factors + Cytokines
    Growth Factors + Cytokines
  • Cell Biology Catalog
    Cell Biology Catalog