Gene Expression Vectors, Viruses & Cloning Vectors

abm is a world leader in recombinant viral technology, providing the most comprehensive collection of AAV-, lenti-, adeno- and retro-viral vectors in ready-to-use formats. This is in addition to the custom virus packaging services we offer, where we can package any custom made recombinant viral vector at any titer of the customer's choice.

Lentivirus Expression Systems

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    • pLenti-III-PGK (VectorG305  I  Cloning Kit: G331)
    • pLenti-III-UbC (VectorG300  I  Cloning Kit: G329)
    • pLenti-Promoterless (VectorLV013  I  Cloning Kit: LV400)
    • pLenti-Promoterless-GFP (VectorLV059 I  Cloning Kit: LV060)
    • pLenti-Promoterless-Luc (VectorLV092  I  Cloning Kit: LV093)
  • Bicistronic/Tricistronic
    • pLenti-Bicistronic (VectorLV037  I  Cloning Kit: LV039)
    • pLenti-Biscistronic-Luc (VectorLV089  I  Cloning Kit: LV090)
    • pLenti-Tricistronic (VectorLV038  I  Cloning Kit: LV040)

Expression System Vectors & Viruses 

abm offers a variety of unique and versatile vector expression systems from applications such as Inducible Gene Expression and Fine-Tuning Gene Expression, to speciality reporter vectors including Dual Luciferase Reporters and Organelle Fluorescence Labeling Reporters - all of which can take your experiment to the next level.   

Looking for a different Expression System? Check out our Custom Cloning Service where abm can clone your custom vector for you.

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    Choosing a Viral Vector
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    CRE Lox Recombination
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02 Outeiro-Pinho, G et al. (2022). "Epigenetically-regulated miR-30a/c-5p directly target TWF1 and hamper ccRCC cell aggressiveness." Translational Research. 249, 110-127. DOI: 10.1016/j.trsl.2022.06.009. Application: Dual Luciferase Reporter Lentivectors.