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Driven by a team of passionate and talented scientists, abm has 15+ years of experience as a CRO partner supporting scientific discoveries in Life Sciences and Drug Development. By working with our team of 250+ personnel across 90,000+ sq. ft. of lab space, you can expect fast turnaround times and stringent quality control.

Our CRO Services

We support you from project inception to asset delivery and beyond! Getting your next big discovery to market can be costly, time consuming, and risky. That's why abm offers a holistic set of highly customizable services to help you with all of your research needs. From gene editing and viral packaging to cell culture services, we’ve got you covered.


We are quite happy with the knockout cells that you made. This was a tricky knockout and hemizygous removal was much more prevalent than the double knockout, but you did it. In addition to your excellent genomic sequence characterization of both mutant LIF alleles, I have confirmed in our lab that the tumor cells have lost all mouse LIF production.

Project: Mouse LIF CRISPR Knockout C26 Tumor Cell Line Generation and Screening Service

Dr. Robert Jackman
Boston University

I am very happy with the NGS service at abm. Technical support has always been very helpful with all concerns and questions I had. The price for the service is very competitive compare to other companies. I would highly recommend abm’s NGS service to other interested customers.

Project: Mouse LIF CRISPR Knockout C26 Tumor Cell Line Generation and Screening Service

Dr. Thuy Le
Fate Therapeutics

We are very glad to have enjoyed the lentivirus packaging services from abm. We received high titer lentivirus production (1010 IU/mL) for our in vivo experiment and injected sciatic nerve of mouse to over express the target gene in myelinated nerves. I am very surprised that the high titer lentivirus enabled rapid and efficient overexpression of the target gene in Schwann cells of wild type mouse. The lentivirus packaging service is an excellent service that I highly recommend.

Project: High-Titer Recombinant Lentivirus Generation Service

Dr. Bo Hu
Wayne State University
Bringing any project to reality

No matter what budget, timeline, and project requirements, our flexibility and results driven approach offers custom solutions to meet any client demands. Successful projects recently completed include:

  • Large scale gene synthesis & subcloning project (750+ AAV Vectors)
  • CYP3A4 CRISPR Knockout UHH cell line generation
  • Mouse CD4+ CD8+ T cell immortalization
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