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CRISPR & Cas9 Proteins

CRISPR is the most versatile technology for genome editing and abm offers the largest selection of Cas9 proteins for CRISPR experiments. Cas9 Ribonucleoproteins (RNPs) are Cas9 proteins in complex with in vitro transcribed sgRNA. These RNPs can be used for in vitro pre-screening sgRNA candidates and can be directly transfected or electroporated into cells to achieve gene editing. 

Advantages of Cas9 RNP Delivery Method:

  • No transcription or translation required, thus editing is rapid and transient
  • No plasmid or virus is used, therefore no risk of genome integration of Cas9/sgRNA machinery
  • Proteins are compatible with a wide range of organisms, no need to consider promoters & codon optimization

Additionally, abm is continually developing a range of CRISPR-Cas proteins, including popular variants like Cas12a, Cas12b, Cas13a, and Cas13b, while also advancing high-fidelity options for precise genetic editing. Visit our knowledge base for more information about CRISPR-related technology.

Product Name Cat. No. Quantity Price
spCas9 Nuclease
Cas9 Nuclease Protein K108 40µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $80.00
Cas9 Nuclease NLS Protein K030 8.0µg (50pmol/ 50µL) $40.00
Cas9 Nuclease NLS Protein (High Concentration) K130 40µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $80.00
Cas9 Nuclease NLS Protein (Lyophilized) K151 200µg (1.25 nmol) $295.00
Cas9 Nuclease GFP NLS Protein K048 9.5µg (50pmol/ 50µL) $55.00
Cas9 Nuclease GFP NLS Protein (High Concentration) K148 47µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $155.00
spCas9 Nickase
Cas9 Nickase D10A Protein K132 40µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $135.00
Cas9 Nickase D10A NLS Protein K134 40µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $135.00
Cas9 Nickase D10A GFP NLS Protein K149 47µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $155.00
Cas9 Nickase H840A Protein K136 40µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $135.00
Cas9 Nickase H840A NLS Protein K138 40µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $135.00
spCas9 Null Mutant
Cas9 Null Mutant Protein K140 40µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $135.00
Cas9 Null Mutant NLS Protein K142 40µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $135.00
Cas9 Null Mutant GFP NLS Protein K086 9.5µg (50pmol/ 50µL) $55.00
Cas9 Null Mutant GFP NLS Protein (High Concentration) K186 47µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $155.00
saCas9 Nuclease
saCas9 Nuclease Protein K044 6.5µg (50pmol/ 50µL) $55.00
saCas9 Nuclease Protein (High Concentration) K144 32.5µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $155.00
saCas9 Nuclease NLS Protein K189 32.5µg (250pmol/ 50µL) $155.00
saCas9 Nuclease NLS Protein (Lyophilized) K152 32.5µg (250pmol) $185.00
saCas9 Null Mutant
saCas9 Null Mutant Protein K146 32.5µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $155.00
saCas9 Null Mutant NLS Protein K147 32.5µg (250pmol/ 25µL) $155.00
Cas12a (Cpf1)
Cas12a (asCpf1) Nuclease NLS Protein K188 380µg (2.5 nmol/ 250µL) $365.00
Cas12a (fnCpf1) Nuclease NLS Protein K187 380µg (2.5 nmol/ 250µL) $365.00


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