Lentivirus siRNA Library

The iLenti™ RNAi Expression System from abm allows for the efficient expression of any siRNA through transfection or lentiviral infection of target cells. The system is based on a unique convergent promoter design for greater efficiency of target gene knockdown, without the need for a hair-pin loop structure commonly utilized in single promoter vectors. abm offers a comprehensive library of human, mouse, and rat siRNAs available in vector or pre-packaged lentivirus format

Advantages of iLenti™ siRNA:

  • siRNA in lentiviral vectors for either transfection or viral infection.
  • Very stable and high yielding plasmids; no special competent cells are required.
  • Uses more potent 27-29 bp oligos than the traditional 19 or 21 bp oligos.
  • Convergent promoters to avoid hairpin loop structures, making sequencing and plasmid growth much easier.
  • GFP reporter for monitoring transfection or viral infection.
  • All constructs are available in vector or virus format, including pooled virus for improved gene knockdown.

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Lentivirus siRNA Library

We offer siRNA lentiviral vectors and viruses for knockdown of over 35000 human, mouse, and rat genes.

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Top Publications

Decreased Tumor Progression and Invasion by a Novel Anti-Cell Motility Target for Human Colorectal Carcinoma Cells.

Jin, Q., et al.
pLOS One 6:e66439 (0)

PubMed: 23755307.

Forkhead transcription factor FOXF1 is a novel target gene of the p53 family and regulates cancer cell migration and invasiveness.

Tamura, M., et al.
Oncogene : (2013).

PubMed: 24186199.

MANF regulates hypothalamic control of food intake and body weight

Li, X.J., et al.
Nat Commun. 8(1):579 (2017)

Doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00750-x.


Our RNA interference lentiviral vectors contain siRNAs. We employ a dual convergent promoter system where the sense and antisense strands of the siRNA are expressed by two different promoters rather than in a hairpin loop - to avoid any possible recombination events that can occur.

In cases where there are no verified and published siRNA sequences for your gene of interest, we use our siRNA design software to locate suitable target sites. If these designed siRNAs don't give efficient knock down of gene expression in your experiments, we offer a onetime replacement (free of charge) that will contain a new set of sequences to try.

abm guarantees that at least one out of the four siRNA Lentivector constructs purchased in a set will give over 70% knockdown efficiency within appropriate target cells showing >80% transfection efficiency. If these four constructs are still considered to be ineffective, then it is most likely the gene is not susceptible to siRNA knockdown.

Do you have the scramble siRNA lentivirus vector for human, mouse and rat as control?
Our scramble negative control can be used for human, mouse and rat. Please refer to Cat.# LV015-G for ordering information.