The Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) is the most promising candidate for virus-based gene therapy as it:

  • Infects both dividing and non-dividing cells
  • Has low immunogenicity and pathogenicity
  • Can target a broad range of specific tissue types
  • Provides long-term expression in non-dividing cells

Our complete library of premade AAV vectors and prepackaged AAV particles for human,mouse,and rat genes come with a wide selection of promoters and reporters for every need. For gene knockdowns, access our AAV-siRNA vectors and viruses as well as our AAV-miRNA over-expression and inhibition tools.

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Our AAV infectivity Data Speaks for Itself
AAV infectivity Data Speaks for Itself
Left: EGFP expression (Green) in lumbar neuronal cells 4 weeks after intrathecal injection of AAV-EGFP Serotype 9 (Cat. # iAAV01509) into mice.
Right: Overlay with β-tubulin (red) and DAPI (blue). Image courtesy of Dr. Douglas Lopes, King’s College London.
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Try our Serotype BLAST Kit or selection of control viruses AAV Blank Control Virus (CMV), AAV Blank Control Virus (CMV) (GFP) ,or AAV Blank Control Virus (CMV) (Luc). to optimize your experiments

Tissue Specificity (x = recommended application)

AAV Serotype CNS/Retina Heart Lung Liver Skeletal Muscle
AAV1 X X X - X
AAV2 X - - X X
AAV3 X X - X -
AAV4 X X - - -
AAV5 X - X - -
AAV6 - X X X X
AAV7 X - - X X
AAV8 X - - X X
AAV DJ X - X X -
AAVDJ-8 X - X X -
Don't Know Which Promoter To Use?
Cumate (Inducible) An inducible expression system optimized for less background leakage than other system.Read more about our iCumate Inducible Systems.
CMV (Strong) A widely used promoter that provides strong gene expression in most cells (weak activity in human and mouse stem cells).
EF1α Strong expression promoter; highly efficient in stem cells. Good for stable expression from long term cultures.
PGK (Medium) A large hybrid promoter (composed of the CMV immediate-early enhancer as well as the CBA and CBA intron 1/exon 1 promoter) with no methylation issues (max.insert size:2kb).
CAGGS (Strong) A small promoter suitable for all cell types (especially stem cells) that allows for larger gene inserts.
MSCV (Medium-Strong) A high efficiency promoter able to sustain stable activity in long term cultures of undifferentiated stem cells.