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Recombinant AAV Vectors

The Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) is the most promising candidate for virus-based gene therapy as it:

  • Infects both dividing and non-dividing cells
  • Has low immunogenicity and pathogenicity
  • Can target a broad range of specific tissue types
  • Provides long-term expression in non-dividing cells

Our complete library of premade AAV vectors and prepackaged AAV particles for human,mouse,and rat genes come with a wide selection of promoters and reporters for every need. For gene knockdowns, access our AAV-siRNA vectors and viruses as well as our AAV-miRNA over-expression and inhibition tools.

Cloning Vector Application Promoter Reporter Ready-to-use AAV
pAAV-PGK-saCas9-U6-sgRNAsa-hGH-amp All-in-One sgRNA/saCas9 U6   Search
pAAV-U6-sgRNAsa-GFP-hGH-amp sgRNA (for saCas9) U6 GFP  
pAAV-U6-sgRNAsp-GFP-hGH-amp sgRNA (for spCas9) U6 GFP  
cDNA expression
pAAV-G-CMV-amp cDNA expression CMV   Search
pAAV-G-CMV-CBH-gcGFP-hGH-amp cDNA expression CMV GFP  
pAAV-G-CMV-CBH-SV40-Luc-hGH-amp cDNA expression CMV Luc  
pAAV-G-hSyn-hGH-amp cDNA expression hSyn    
pAAV-G-PGK-hGH-amp cDNA expression PGK    
pAAV-G-EF1a-hGH-amp cDNA expression EF1a    
pAAV-G-CAGGS-hGH-amp cDNA expression CAGGS    
*GFP and Luc versions are also available for non-CMV promoter vectors
pAAV-siRNA-GFP-hGH-amp siRNA U6, H1 GFP Search
pAAV-shRNA-GFP-hGH-amp siRNA U6, H1 GFP  
pAAV-mir-GFP-hGH-amp pre-miRNA CMV GFP Search
pAAV-mico-GFP-hGH-amp mature miRNA CMV GFP  
pAAV-mir-OFF-hGH-amp miRNA inhibitor H1 GFP  

Choosing the right promoter

Promoter Applications
CMV (Strong) A widely used promoter that provides strong gene expression in most cells (weak activity in human and mouse stem cells).
EF1α Strong expression promoter; highly efficient in stem cells. Good for stable expression from long term cultures.
PGK (Medium) A high efficiency promoter able to sustain stable activity in long term cultures of undifferentiated stem cells.
CAGGS (Strong) A large hybrid promoter (composed of the CMV immediate-early enhancer as well as the CBA and CBA intron 1/exon 1 promoter) with no methylation issues (max.insert size:2kb).
hSyn (Medium-strong) The synapsin I promoter; has been used to acheive highly neuron-specific long-term transgene expression in vivo.