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abm’s transfection reagents represent an array of formulations designed to aid the delivery of nucleic acids into a variety of cell lines with high transfection efficiency and low cell toxicity.

Our collection includes the DNA transfection reagents DNAfectin™ 2100 for general use, DNAfectin™ Plus for the use in the presence of serum, and Susfectin™ for suspension 293 and CHO cells in the production of recombinant proteins, antibodies, and recombinant viruses.

In addition, we have formulated transfection reagents dedicated to RNAi transfection (RNAifectin™) and lentivirus production (Lentifectin™).









SusfectinTM Suspension Cell Transfection Reagent

abm's SusfectinTM Transfection Reagent is uniquely formulated for transfection of DNA into eukaryotic suspension cells without the need to remove serum/culture medium. This simplified workflow makes SusfectinTM the best choice for transfection of CHO and 293 cells. Earn 2X the rewards points for every order of Susfectin™ Transfection Reagent!

Best choice for suspension cells (CHO, 293)

Minimal toxicity

Serum compatible (G4000)

Excellent for suspension cells

abm's Susfectin™ Transfection Reagent enables high efficiency transfection of suspension cells. HEK293 suspension cells was transfected with a Scrambled siRNA GFP Lentivector (Cat. No. LV015-G) using Susfectin™ Transfection Reagent (Cat. No. G4000).

2X higher expression

Susfectin™ results in 2X higher expression compared to PEI. CHO cells were transfected using Susfectin™ (Cat. No. G4000), a competing transfection reagent, or linear PEI. Recombinant antibody levels in the supernatant were quantified using ELISA.

Susfectin™ Transfection Reagent*G4000

DNAfectinTM DNA Transfection Reagents

abm’s DNAfectinTM series of transfection reagents offers a simple workflow for DNA transfection into eukaryotic cells. Our collection includes DNAfectin™ 2100 for transfection into over 15 different popular cell lines and DNAfectin™ Plus for transfection without the need to remove serum/culture medium. Earn 2X the rewards points for every order of DNAfectin™ Plus Transfection Reagent.

Minimal toxicity

Out-performs in a range of cells

Serum compatible (G2500)

Out-performs competitors

DNAfectinTM Plus out-performs competitors in transfection efficiency for a variety of popular cell lines. DNAfectinTM Plus Transfection Reagent (Cat. No. G2500) or a competitor’s transfection reagent were used to deliver a GFP construct into CHO-K1, HeLa, HEK-293T or Calu-6 cells. Images were taken 24 hours post-transfection.

No medium changes needed

DNAfectinTM Plus enables transfection in the presence of serum. HEK-293T Cells were transfected with a GFP construct using DNAfectin™ Plus (Cat. No. G2500) or a competitor's transfection reagent. DNAfectin™ Plus does not require removal of serum/culture medium during the transfection, as the transfection mixture can be added directly to complete medium.

DNAfectinTM 2100 Transfection ReagentG2100
DNAfectinTM Plus Transfection Reagent*G2500

RNAifectinTM RNA Transfection Reagent

abm’s RNAifectinTM Transfection Reagent is specially developed for the efficient transfection of eukaryotic cells with RNAi oligos. This transfection reagent is perfect for any of your RNAi transfection needs and can also be used for miRNA mimics and inhibitors.

Suitable for miRNA and synthetic oligos

Suitable for knockdowns (siRNA)

Minimal toxicity

Less cytotoxic to cells

RNAifectinTM is less cytotoxic to cells than other transfection reagents on the market. HEK 293 cells were transfected with pLenti-CMV-GFP in the presence of RNAifectin™ Transfection Reagent (Cat. No. G073) or a competing product.

RNAifectinTM Transfection ReagentG073

LentifectinTM Lentiviral Transfection Reagent

LentifectinTM is a transfection reagent specially formulated to contain multiple cationic polymers and is optimized for the production of Lentiviral vectors in vitro.

Suitable for high titer lentivirus production

Minimal toxicity

90-100% transfection efficiency in 293T cells

Improved Lentiviral Transfection

LentifectinTM Transfection reagent enables 90-100% transfection in 293T cells. 293T cells were transfected with a GFP (left) or RFP (right) construct using Lentifectin™ Transfection reagent (Cat. No. G074). Brightfield and fluorescence microscopy images of the cells demonstrate the 90-100% transfection success rate.

LentifectinTM Transfection ReagentG074

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