Virus Purification Kits

  • Ultra-Pure Lentivirus Purification Kit is an ion-exchange based system which minimizes damage to the viral particles while enabling researchers to attain ultra-high titers.


  • Speedy Lentivirus Purification is for rapid production of recombinant lentiviral vectors with titers up to 107IU/ml. The quickest and easiest way to purify and concentrate lentiviral particles up to 100X.


  • Add-N-Pure™ Adenovirus Purification Kit is a chromatography-based system for adenovirus purification and concentration. The kits represent a significant improvement to the traditional Cesium chloride ultra-centrifugation method in terms of easy manipulation, reliability, and efficiency.


Product Name Cat. No. Unit Price
Ultra-Pure Lentivirus Purification Kit LV998 1 Kit  
Speedy Lentivirus Purification Kit LV999 100 ml  
Add-N-Pure™ Adenovirus Purification Kit A902 2 Sets  
Add-N-Pure™ Adenovirus Purification Kit A905 5 Sets  
Add-N-Pure™ Adenovirus Purification Kit (2 GigaU) A910 2 Giga Sets  


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