Ultra-Pure Lentivirus Purification Kit

LV9981 Kit



Recombinant lentivirus is widely used in the transduction of a variety of target cells and can be produced by transient transfection, from which viral supernatant can be collected and used for target cell transduction. The titre of viral supernatant by transient transfection is approximately 10cfu (colony forming unit)/ml, which is sufficient for the generation of most stable cell lines in vitro. However, there are applications that require higher purity and titres. These applications include experiments demanding higher gene transduction efficiency and in vivo gene delivery. In addition, crude viral supernatants are not suitable for in vivo administration due to various contaminants contained in cell culture supernatant. Thus, the viral supernatant needs to be further concentrated and purified before use. Traditionally, recombinant lentivirus has been concentrated via ultracentrifugation. Although the method works well, it requires specific ultracentrifugation equipment and it is technically demanding. In addition, the total viral supernatant volume to be concentrated is limited to the size of ultracentrifugation tubes. Reports have also stated that the ultracentrifugation process has some detrimental physical effects on the biological activity of purified viral particles. Due to limitations of the existing technique, there is great need for a quick and efficient method to purify and concentrate recombinant lentivirus. Scientists at abm Inc. have developed the unique Ultra-Pure Lentivirus Purification Kit, a one of a kind product in the industry. The kit utilizes a proprietary Lentivirus binding matrix, binding and elution buffers based on ion-exchange, which minimizes damage to the viral particles while enabling researchers to attain ultra-high titres.

Unit quantity1 Kit
Storage Condition

Store at room temperature


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    What is the percentage loss from the purification process?
    On average, we found that our kit can recover 80-90% of the initial viral input, provided that the filters are not oversaturated. We found that on average, one application from this kit can process up to 10^11 viral particles in total.
    Will this purification system remove plasmid DNA, which has been carried over from the transfection process?
    No it will not, but you can add in a Benzonase treatment before Step B2 (product brochure: page 6 of 8) .

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