ViralEntry™ Transduction Enhancer (100X)

G5151.0 ml



(Equivalent to Cat. No. G698, G514, G511, G512, G513)

Boost transduction by over 10X in a variety of cell types!

As an industry leader in recombinant viral vectors (lentivirus, adenovirus, and AAV), abm has 15+ years of experience in how to enhance virus vector transduction efficiency. Over the years, we have developed multiple formulations of viral enhancing agents useful for this purpose. A remarkable breakthrough by our top scientists in 2020 is the development of the most efficient viral enhancing agent, ViralEntry™, that is not only effective in enhancing both lentiviral and AAV vector transduction efficiency significantly, but also increases transduction efficiency in diverse cell types including primary T lymphocytes by over 10X. This is superior to any similar product on the market.

With this incredible reagent, you will be able to transduce any cell types you have. We guarantee that this is the most effective viral transduction reagent in the industry and will gladly refund you if you find better transduction enhancers than our ViralEntry™ formulation. Use it and you will enjoy it!

Product Features

  • Boosts Viral Transduction up to 10X in a variety of cell types
  • Designed for Lenti and AAV expression systems
  • Works with difficult cell types (e.g. T and B cells)
  • Easy-to-use: Add directly to media

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Note: This product is abm’s next generation of Viral Transduction Reagents and is functionally equivalent to Cat. No. G698, G511, G512, G513, and G514 (ViralMax, and ViralPlus Transduction Reagents), with improved performance. Contact our customer service team [email protected] for more information.

Unit quantity1.0 ml
Storage Condition

Store at 4°C.


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