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SensiStain™ IHC Antibodies

Validated, highly specific, aand designed for your pathology research needs - abm’s SensiStain™ IHC Antibodies are ready to be incorporated into your lab today. Our expanding repertoire offers a catalog of antibodies, which can be utilized in manual or automated staining systems. Browse all.

abm also offers a range of highly customizable histology services to meet any budget and timeline. Let us help you with your projects today. Immunohistological staining, custom tissue microarray (TMA) construction, antibody optimization, and preparation of your tissue specimens - we can do it all!

"We are happy about the CD4 and CD8 IHC staining your lab did. The quality of the IHC staining is very good."

Fugang Zhu, Idera Pharnacueticals Inc, Custom IHC Staining Service (HC002)

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We offer a wide selection of IHC validated antibodies.
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