Immortalized Cells

abm’s comprehensive cell collection provides primary and immortalized cell lines for your research needs. Continuously dividing immortalized cells arise from defined mutational events that allow the primary cells to evade normal cellular senescence. The resulting immortalized primary cells are highly useful for cell biology research as they are significantly easier to culture and maintain compared to their primary counterparts. With over 400 immortalized cell lines to choose from, abm has the world's largest immortalized cell line collection, allowing you to meet any project's cellular needs.


Product Information

  • Cell Characterization - Human Primary Prostate Epithelial Cells
    Cell Characterization - Human Primary Prostate Epithelial Cells
    Microscopy images of Immortalized Human Ascending Aorta Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells (T0549).
  • Human Primary Bladder Smooth Muscle Cells - T4091
    Human Primary Bladder Smooth Muscle Cells - T4091
    Western blot analysis of glial fibrallary acidic protein (GFAP) and cellular retinaldehyde-binding protein (CRALBP) expression in rMC-1 cells.
  • Cell culture Workflow
    Follow abm's easy cell culture thawing, freezing and subculture procedures diagram to ensure best cell viability.

Top Publications

01 Neurotensin stimulates sortilin and mTOR in human microglia inhibitable by methoxyluteolin, a potential therapeutic target for autism.

Patel, AB et al
PNAS 113:45 (2016).

DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1604992113. PubMed: 27663735
02 Motor, Visual and Emotional Deficits in Mice after Closed-Head Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Are Alleviated by the Novel CB2 Inverse Agonist SMM-189.

Reiner, A et al
Int. J. Mol. Sci. 16(1):758–787 (2015).

PubMed: PMC4307274


How long can I store frozen vials for?
Cells that are properly frozen using an effective cryoprotective agent can be stored in liquid nitrogen indefinitely without affecting their recovery.