DNA & RNA Purification Kits

abm offers a variety of specialty DNA and RNA kits allowing for efficient extraction from various sources such as animal, plant, blood, bacteria and fungi. Additionally you can find affordable and reliable kits for routine techniques such as miniprep plasmid extraction as well as gel and PCR clean up purification.  

Product Name Cat. No. Unit Price
Genomic DNA Extraction
Column-Pure Blood Genomic DNA Kit D203-Mini-1 50 Preps $105.00
Column-Pure Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation Kit D511 50 Preps $195.00
Column-Pure Animal Genomic DNA Isolation Kit D512

50 Preps

Column-Pure Plant DNA Extraction Kit D519 50 Preps $195.00
DNA Extraction and Purification
Column-Pure Gel and PCR Clean-Up Kit D516 100 Preps $165.00
Column-Pure Plasmid Mini-Prep Kit D514 100 Preps $105.00
DNA Purification Magnetic Beads G950 5 ml $115.00
DNA Purification Magnetic Beads G951

25 ml

RNA Extraction and Purification
Column-Pure RNA Miniprep Kit D518 50 Preps $285.00
Column-Pure Fungi RNA Isolation Kit D510 50 Preps $150.00
RNA Purification Magnetic Beads G971 5 ml $165.00