Column-Pure Animal Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

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This is a quick and easy spin column method for the isolation of genomic DNA from various animal tissues or cells. No phenol, chloroform, or other hazardous organic solutions are required. Proteins are degraded by Proteinase K, DNA is bound to the silica-based filter in the spin column, impurities are washed away, and the purified gDNA is eluted from the binding matrix of the column. The isolated genomic DNA is of excellent quality for PCR, restriction digestion, and other downstream applications. The kit contains all necessary tubes for the complete experiment in isolation of genomic DNA

Equipment Required
  • Microcentrifuge
  • Pipettes
Key Features
  • Versatile, able to isolate gDNA from tissues, cultured cells, paraffin tissue or rodent tails.
  • Simple, fast and efficient.
  • High yield and reproducible.
  • No phenol chloroform extraction or ethanol precipitation required.
  • High capacity - up to 10 μg of DNA per column.

Purification of up to 10 µg genomic DNA from animal tissues or cells.

Storage Condition

All components (except Proteinase K) can be stored at room temperature. Proteinase K should be kept at 4ºC for short-term or -20ºC for long-term storage. Kit components are stable for12 months at room temperature after received. For maximum stability, sto

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        Is it possible to use frozen blood sample with this kit?
        Frozen blood samples have not yet been tested with this kit, however this should not be a problem.
        What is the TE buffer used for?
        The TE buffer is optional and is included because some prefer to use TE for elution. TE buffer can be used instead of elution buffer if needed.

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