Custom CRISPR Knock-in Repair Templates

CRISPR Knock-in allows for the precise desired mutation to be made anywhere in the genome! abm offers Custom CRISPR Knock-in Repair Templates where we design, synthesize and clone your Homology Directed Repair (HDR) Template and corresponding sgRNA/Cas9 expression vectors. For small mutations (<50bp) we recommend using our ssDNA Oligo Repair Templates, while larger constructs should be handled with our dsDNA vectors. Not sure where to begin? Simply click the Inquire button below and tell us about your custom CRISPR Knock-in project. 


  • In-frame fusion tags - Tag your gene of interest with a short peptide sequence
  • Point mutations - Mutate short sequences or residues within your gene of interest
  • Transgene insertion - Insert a larger transgene or reporter into a locus of your choice

Service Details

ssDNA Oligonucleotide Repair Template
Service Name Description Quantity Cat. No. Price
Custom CRISPR Repair Template (<200nt ssDNA oligonucleotide) Lyophilized oligonucleotide with 5' and 3' phosphorothioate bonds. Contains your insert with flanking homology arms. 4 nmole C427 $60.00

dsDNA Vector Repair Template 
Service Name Description Quantity Cat. No. Price
Custom CRISPR Non-Viral Vector Repair Template dsDNA Non-Viral Vector containing your custom insert with 500 bp each flanking homology arms  1.0 ug C428 $99.00
  • Custom Insert must not exceed 2.0 kb in length. For larger insert sizes, please inquire.

Cas9 & sgRNA Expression Vectors
Service Name Vector Quantity Cat. No. Price
Custom CRISPR All-in-One Lentiviral Vector (with spCas9) - set of three targets pLenti-U6-sgRNA-SFFV-Cas9-2A-Puro 3 x 1.0 ug C442 $28.00
Custom CRISPR Cas9 All-in-One AAV Vector (with saCas9) - set of three targets pAAV-PGK-saCas9-U6-sgRNAsa-hGH-amp 3 x 1.0 ug C306 $46.00
Custom CRISPR All-in-One Non-Viral Vector (with spCas9) - set of three targets pNV-sgRNA-Cas9-2A-GFP 3 x 1.0 ug C444 $35.00
  • Viral packaging is also available upon request.

Additional Information


Available Custom CRISPR Vectors and Viruses:
AAV Vector
sgRNA for spCas9 Available Available Available Available
sgRNA for saCas9 Available - - -
All-in-One with spCas9 - Available Available -
All-in-One with saCas9 Available - - -
All-in-One with FnCas12a (FnCpf1) - Available - -
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