microRNAs (miRNA) are naturally occurring, small non-protein coding sequences that are involved in post-translational gene regulation and have been implicated in a variety of biological processes and diseases. These small RNAs (~22nt) also have a large impact on many complex pathophysiological responses, making them a key part of life science research on mammalian and plant systems.

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miRNA mimics and miRNA inhibitors

miRNA Mimics are chemically modified, double-stranded miRNA-like RNA which are designed to copy the functionality of mature endogenous miRNA upon transfection. At the 5'-end, it is synthesized with a partially complementary motif to the 3'UTR end of the target gene, which allows the miRNA mimic to specifically bind to the target. We also offer miRNA Agomirs, which are chemically engineered mimics that exhibit enhanced transfection efficiency and resistance to various RNases. miRNA mimics are used for functionality assessments and serve as a useful exogenous tool for gain-of-function studies.

miRNA Inhibitors are chemically synthesized, complementary, antisense single-stranded oligonucleotides which may bind to endogenous mature miRNA. Also available are miRNA Antagomirs, a type of miRNA inhibitor with chemical modifications to prevent degradation and increase transfection efficiency. miRNA inhibitors and antagomirs block miRNA regulation of target gene expression by stable suppression and can knock down native miRNA expression in cells. miRNA inhibitors and antagomirs may be used in miRNA loss-of-function studies, miRNA target site identification and validation, and miRNA screening experiments.

miRNA agomir and miRNA antagomir chemical modifications

Finding the best tools for miRNA research is a challenging task and will depend on sample type, experimental scope and functional analysis. abm offers a comprehensive selection of products and services for miRNA profiling, isolation, detection, expression, inhibition, and target validation to meet your research needs.