Column-Pure Fungi RNA Isolation Kit

D51050 Preparations



The kit is designed for preparation of high quality total RNA from a wide range of fungal species. Fungal samples are lysed and homogenized, RNA in the whole homogeneity is then selectively absorbed on spin column and other impurities are washed away. Total RNA is eluted from the membrane in the presence of RNase-Free Water in the final step. 3-5?g total RNA can be purified from 30mg filamentous fungi using this kit. Purified RNA is ready for most downstream applications such as RT-PCR, Northern Blotting, Poly A+ purification, nuclease protection and in vitro translation.

Equipment Required
  • Microcentrifuge
  • Pipettes
Key Features
  • Fast. Using a rapid spin-column format, the entire procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.
  • High quality of RNA. OD260/280 of purified RNA is generally >1.8.
  • Intact RNA: NO RNA degradation and integrity maintained.

Purification and isolation of RNA from numerous fungal species.

Storage Condition

Kit components are stable for 12 months after receipt when stored at 4ºC.

Unit quantity50 Preparations

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        Is it possible to use frozen blood sample with this kit?
        Frozen blood samples have not yet been tested with this kit, however this should not be a problem.
        What is the TE buffer used for?
        The TE buffer is optional and is included because some prefer to use TE for elution. TE buffer can be used instead of elution buffer if needed.

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