Speedy Lentivirus Purification

LV999100 ml



Recombinant lentiviral vectors have been shown to be a powerful tool for stable gene transfer to both dividing and non-dividing cells in vitro and in vivo.Through years of experience with lentiviral vectors, ABM has developed its own proprietary pLenti-combo packaging mix and an efficient protocol for rapid production of recombinant lentiviral vectors with titers up to 107IU/ml. The quickest and easiest way to purify and concentrate lentiviral particles up to 100x.

Unit quantity100 ml

What is the mechanism of purification for the Speedy Lentivirus Purification?
The Speedy Lentivirus Purification is a positively charged matrix solution that binds to the negatively charged lentivirus, forming a precipitation that can be pelleted through centrifugation.
Can it also be used for Retrovirus purification?
No, because retroviruses are too sensitive to survive the required centrifugation step.
What buffer should I use for resuspension?
The pelleted lentivirus can be resuspended in any appropriate buffer.
Can I remove the matrix fully from the resuspended lentivirus?
Yes it is possible but the lentivirus must go through our viral buffer exchange kit (cat#G130).
What filter can I used for filter sterilization after the purification step?
We recommend a low protein binding filter with membrane pores of 0.2-0.45um. A few suggested membrane materials are PVDF, PES, and Supor (from Pall).
In the final solution what medium and FBS should I use to keep the concentrated viruses?
When using our Speedy Lentivirus Purification (Cat#LV999), the choice of which medium and FBS to use to keep the concentrated viruses will vary based upon the intended downstream application of the lentivirus; i.e. depending on the complete media required for your cell line of interest. You can re-suspend the pellet in the complete media of the cell line which will be infected with this virus prep, to avoid dilution. For example, if 293T cells were the intended cell line, we would recommend using DMEM + 10% FBS. If in doubt, serum-free DMEM is typically a safe choice, however the required dilution will be a factor to consider.

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