CRISPR Genomic Cleavage Detection Kit

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CRISPR Genomic Cleavage Detection Kit
CRISPR Genomic Cleavage Detection Kit

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    DescriptionPrecision is a key quality in genome editing and gene modification methods. Confirmation of successful gene editing is an important step in any set up, and could save both time and resources if experimental insufficiencies are caught early on. abm’s CRISPR Genomic Cleavage Detection Kit is designed as an easy, yet effective way to verify your genomic editing process. CRISPR-edited samples are used as a template in PCR reactions targeting your specific region of interest. A pair of primers flanking each sgRNA target site is required to detect genomic cleavage using the kit, and this can be ordered from abm (Cat. No. C336 - sgRNA PCR Primer Pair Design

    • Genome editing

    Storage Condition

    Store all components at -20°C.

    Unit quantity25 Reactions

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