Primer Design & Synthesis Service

abm offers a one-stop custom qPCR primer design service, aiming to save time, effort, and money from preventing complications or even failures in qPCR experiments. A pair of well-designed primers is one of the key requirements for a successful qPCR. With years of expertise in PCR/qPCR research and formulation, scientists at abm are able to design qPCR primers with high specificity and minimizing the chance of primer dimer formation. This can be achieved with the use of our in-house developed software to run through simulations and predictions to select and ensure good primer designs.

"I am a fan of abm: great product quality, great price, great rewards and great experience."

Dr. Vincent Emond, Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec CHUL

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Service Details

Core Services
Service NameUnitCat. No.Unit Price
Primer Design Service 1 Pair Design C130 $80.00
Primer Synthesis (25 nmol) 1 Base C132 $0.35*
Primer Synthesis (100 nmol) 1 Base C133 $0.70*
Primer Synthesis (250 nmol) 1 Base C231 $1.25*
sgRNA PCR Primer Pair Design & Synthesis Service (25 nmol/primer) 1 Pair C336 $99.00
* To qualify for this price, a minimum order of $35.00 is required. In addition to primers, other products can be ordered to reach the minimum order of $35.00.

Additional Info

abm offers standard desalted custom DNA oligo synthesis in three different synthesis scales. All synthesized DNA oligos are shipped in lyophilized format. The following table outlines our synthesis scale and the minimum guaranteed yield for each service.

Cat. NoSynthesis ScaleMinimum Guaranteed YieldMinimum Required Primer Length
C132 25 nmol 12 nmol 15-60 nt
C133 100 nmol 30 nmol 10-90 nt
C231 250 nmol 50 nmol 5-100 nt

abm understands the necessity of good primer designs and our design is thoroughly evaluated against bad primer designs showing below:

  • Bad Primer Design
  • abm RNA Sequencing

Order Instructions
To place an order, download and fill out an Primer Order Form. Please include all the required information such as your oligo name, oligo sequence and synthesis scale. Email the Order Request Form to [email protected]. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address shortly.


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