Custom Gene Synthesis

abm is a leading custom gene synthesis provider for the last 10 years and has extensive experience in synthesis of any genes listed in the Genbank database, including complex synthetic genes. Combine your synthetic gene with abm's expression vectors, choose your desired promoters, tags, fluorescent reporters etc., and make it ready for immediate downstream applications.

For bulk orders, we can look into a special rate for you!

"Always amazed at the reasonable prices and breadth of selection for genes of interest available on your site. Thanks very much! "

Brian DeBosch, Washington University in St. Louis

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Service Details

Core Services
Service NameDescriptionUnitCat. No.Unit Price
Gene Synthesis
  • Genes are fully sequenced
  • Must be ordered with Subcloning Service I (C096)
  • minimum charge of $99.00 USD
Per bp C098 Starting at $0.18/bp USD
Economy Gene Synthesis & Subcloning
  • For non-complicated sequences
  • Synthesize up to 950 bp
  • Complimentary subcloning into pUC57, EcoRV site
  • Sequence verified to confirm full-length sequence is generated
  • Sequence must be approved for economy synthesis by abm
1.0 μg C078 $250.00
Add-On Services
Service NameDescriptionUnitCat. No.Unit Price
Subcloning Service I
  • Subclone any insert into an expression system of your choice.
  • This service is intended for inserts with restriction sites that are compatible with the expression vector of choice.
  • End sequencing of the insert is performed with this service to confirm proper insertion.
  • For full sequencing, please refer to C197.
1.0 μg C096 $125.00
Vector Backbone for Cloning
  • We can subclone into pUC57 or pORF free of charge, or choose from our list of available expression vectors (Lenti, AAV, Adeno, Retro, HSV etc.).
  • The base vector will not be a deliverable. Only the final altered vector will be provided.
1 Service C318 $350.00

Additional Info

For more cloning services, such as antibiotic switch, promoter switch, reporter addition/removal, please click here.


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