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Our search function provides four different ways to find out our products:

  • By Gene Symbol: Select 'Gene Symbol' from the drop down menu, and input gene symbol (such as 'abca1') that you are looking for into right side box.
  • By Product Name: From the drop down menu on the left side of search bar, choose 'Product Name', input the product name or a few search terms into right side box.
  • By Cat.No.: If you already know the catalog number of the product that you are looking for, you may choose 'Cat.No.' from the drop down menu, and input catalog number into right side box.
  • By miRNA Name: Choose 'miRNA Name' from drop down menu, you can search miRNA products by miRNA Name (such as 'let-7a').
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    Characterized by an established gene-expression/gene-knock-out profile, stable cell lines serve as important tools for research and application in biomedical sciences (such as gene-function studies and drug discovery assays). Since stable cell lines allow for long term expression of the gene of interest as opposed to transient expression, they are also highly desirable for production of recombinant proteins.

    Scientists at abm have years of relevant experience with cell culture/screening for stable cell lines. abm offers a wide-collection of stable cell lines for our customers research project(s). We also provide custom stable cell line generation; please contact a technical representative at for more details.
Stable Cell Line List (grouped by gene name)
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