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qPCR miRNA Array Questions

How do I prepare my total RNA sample?
Trizol reagent is recommended. You may also use other methods as long as it they preserve the total RNA including small size RNA like miRNA within your sample and minimize solvent left in the sample.
Do I need to enrich my total RNA sample for small RNAs?
No, our probes are designed to detect all miRNA species equally; therefore enriching your sample in small RNAs may result in biased data output.
Is there a way I can check for the presence of small RNA in my total RNA sample before analyzing?
Yes, this can easily be done with a 1-2% agarose gel. You should see a 4.5kb band at double the intensity of a 1.9kb band; as well you should not see any smearing, as this is a sign of RNA degradation. If you do not have gel documentation equipment a similar analysis can be done using a UV spectrometer. Ensure the 260nm/280nm ratio is >1.8, while the 260nm/230nm ratio is >1.0.
Can precursor miRNAs be detected on the qPCR array?
Each primer set has been designed and tested to be able only to detect mature miRNA.
How many biological replicates do I need for each condition?
To increase confidence and reduce experimental error it is suggested that you use at least 3 replicates per sample.
What is in the wells of your qPCR arrays?
In each well is 5ul of primer set (miRNA specific and universal), our optimized qPCR Mastermix will be provided in a separate tube.
What is the sequence of the universal primer contained in the miRNA qPCR arrays?
The sequence of the universal primer is proprietary, and will not be disclosed under any circumstances.
What reagents do I need to perform a qPCR miRNA array experiment?
All the reagents you will require for the qPCR miRNA profiling are contained within the array you ordered from ABM.
Which species are covered by a miRNA qPCR array?
Please refer to the product page for specific arrays and we currently only offer human miRNA qPCR arrays. miRNA profiling products from other species like mouse are still under development.
What type of RNA internal standards are there for quantitative determination of miRNA?
We use snoRD44, snoRD47, snoRD48, U6-2 and miR-1279 for normalization, unless it is documented that expression of one of these varies across your samples.
Which qPCR machine do I need to read miRNA arrays?
You may use any 384-well qPCR machine, but remember to specify your machine in your order so your array contains the right master mix for your machine.
Does ABM provide a miRNA profiling service?
Yes, we provide a miRNA profiling service using our latest generation of miRNA arrays. Visit our miRNA custom services FAQs or the miRNA profiling services page for more information.
What is the expected delivery time for the miRNA qPCR arrays?
The products are usually shipped within 1-3 days. All shipments are handled by FedEx.
Where can I view the prices of the microRNA qPCR arrays?
Please visit the product page of our website to find your ABM product. Information on the product, including price, is revealed by clicking on the relevant product link.
Can ABM provide assistance with summarizing the miRNA qPCR array for my publications?
Sure, please contact us for publication assistance.