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Custom Service Questions
How do I get started?
Please first determine how many samples you are planning for your miRNA profiling project. Then decide whether you want to send us your samples in cell pellet or isolated total RNA. We prefer you to sending us isolated total RNA as there will be extra change for RNA isolation at our side for each sample if you decide to use cell pellet and tissues. Please feel free to email us at or call us at 1-866-757-2414 for further assistance.
How do I prepare my RNA samples for submission?
You should take care to maintain all the RNA in your sample, as even a little degradation of your samples could result in miRNA at low expression levels being lost completely. Please make sure that you isolate the total RNA including small size RNAs using commercial miRNA purification kits or Trizol. RNAs isolation with regular RNA purification kits will not recover the small size RNAs like miRNA. For total genome miRNA profiling, a total of 2~3ug of RNA is needed for each sample. To do this we recommend you closely follow the instructions of whichever kit you are using, or if sending us cellular sample quickly freeze them and ensure they remain frozen during delivery to us.
How much sample is needed?
A total of 2-3ug total RNA will be needed for whole genome profiling of miRNAs for each sample, including ones at low concentration. If you choose to send us a cellular pellet or tissue, make sure that your sample will be enough for a total of 2~3ug total RNA isolation. As a general rule, cells from a minimal of 10cm dish at over 80% density or 10~20mg tissue should be enough.
How do I send my samples?
For both cell and RNA samples, it is absolutely necessary to send us on dry ice with FedEx overnight service to minimize RNA degradation. Also, do not send samples on Friday, as deliveries are only made Monday-Friday, meaning your samples will sit in the shippers warehouse over the weekend, and most likely be thawed by the time it arrives on Monday.
Where do I send my samples?
Applied Biological Materials
#8-13520 Crestwood Place
Richmond, BC
V6V 2G2
Phone: 604-247-2416
What about quality control of the RNA?
In our qPCR array we have a set of QC genes set up, the readings from these sample are analyzed in our spreadsheet output and a rating of pass or fail is given. Due to our precise procedure, samples given to us, which meet the requirements as laid out earlier in this document, rarely ever receive a failing grade.
How does ABM conduct the experiment?
Samples will first have their RNA isolated using our in-house standard procedures. Then we will synthesize cDNA from the RNA isolate and this will be used for the qPCR plate miRNA analysis.
What data will I receive from ABM?
miRNA profiling results from your samples will be send to you in ABM's data analysis program, which contains room for up to ten replicates per sample. It also has helpful and innovative analysis tools, including a colour-coded array layout, allowing you to quickly and easily identify the miRNAs experiencing the greatest fold-change differences between your test and control samples. As mentioned before it also contains a QC report, as well as an easy to use scatter and volcano plot of your results. You have view a sampling from the data output HERE.
How do I receive the data?
We can either directly send you the file by email or you may download the report and qPCR readings from a secure login site on our website.
Can I analyze my data myself?
Yes, contained within the data spreadsheet we provide is both raw and normalized data; you can extract these and proceed with your analysis however you prefer.
What does ABM do with the data?
We will keep the data secure on our servers for a year, allowing you repeated access in case of data loss on your end. However, after a year all data will be deleted and scrambled rendering it irrecoverable, so ensure you save your data via your own means prior to this date.
What about unused sample?
After completion of the experiment you may either ask ABM to safely dispose of your sample, or if you wish to receive unused portions of valuable samples back, this can be arranged at your own expense.
How long will it take?
The full profiling starting from cellular samples will take about 3 weeks, for all other combinations please enquire as step times vary. Updates will be available during production via email.
I still have additional questions, who do I contact?
For further details, please email or 1-866-757-2414.