16S rDNA Metagenome Sequencing Service

16S rDNA Metagenome sequencing allows powerful insight into the composition of mixed microbial communities, enabling researchers to explore environmental samples and microbiome samples to a much deeper level than possible before. abm’s 16S metagenome sequencing service creates Illumina compatible libraries containing both the V3 and V4 hypervariable regions in the gene, but can easily be modified to examine different regions or different genes such as 18S and ITS. With multiplexing capabilities, up to 108 metagenome samples can be sequenced on a single MiSeq run.

16S rRNAMetagenome Sequencing Service

illumina certified service provider

abm is an Illumina Certified Service Provider, dedicated to ensuring the delivery of the highest-quality data available for genetic analysis applications.

"NGS from abm was always willing to advise me and agree with me to choose the best option for my experiments, something that not all companies do.

For this reason, I want to thank you for the vocation of service and how devoted you are to your customers, that is the best way to leave a seal on your customers, therefore you will always be my first option."

Dr. Jorge Alberto Vásquez, Industrial Biotechnology Center, Palmira, Colombia - rDNA Metagenomics Sequencing Service

Service Details

Core Services
16S rDNA
16S rDNA Metagenomics Sequencing (Low throughput)  1-49 IA20100 Inquire
16S rDNA Metagenomics Sequencing (Medium throughput) 50-79 IA20200 Inquire
16S rDNA Metagenomics Sequencing (High throughput) >80 IA20300 Inquire
Custom 16S Amplicon Primers
Customer must provide published/validated primer sequence
1 primer set IA20001 Inquire
18S rDNA
18S rDNA Metagenomics Sequencing (Low throughput) 1-49 IA20110 Inquire
18S rDNA Metagenomics Sequencing (Medium throughput) 50-79 IA20210 Inquire
18S rDNA Metagenomics Sequencing (High throughput) >80 IA20310 Inquire
Custom 18S Amplicon Primers
Customer must provide published/validated primer sequence
1 primer set IA20002 Inquire
ITS rDNA Metagenomics Sequencing (Low throughput) 1-49 IA20120 Inquire
ITS rDNA Metagenomics Sequencing (Medium throughput) 50-79 IA20220 Inquire
ITS rDNA Metagenomics Sequencing (High throughput) >80 IA20320 Inquire
Custom ITS Amplicon Primers
Customer must provide published/validated primer sequence
1 primer set IA20003 Inquire
Prices are in US dollars. Please contact [email protected] if you need a quotation in Canadian dollars.
Bioinformatics Services
Standard Metagenome Analysis
•Contig Assembly
•OTU clustering and classification
•Alpha diversity and Beta diversity analyses
If multiple analyses are required, please specify.
1 Sample IB00021 $40.00
Prices are in US dollars. Please contact [email protected] if you need a quotation in Canadian dollars.
Additional Services
Sample and Library QC 1 Sample IR18001 $60.00
Data Storage (per additional 3 months)   IS10001 $150.00
Hard Drive of NGS Results  1 Hard Drive IS10003 Inquire
Prices are in US dollars. Please contact [email protected] if you need a quotation in Canadian dollars.

Key Features for abm's Metagenome Sequencing Service

Sequencing PlatformIllumina MiSeq
Sequencing Scale Targeted: around 50,000 reads per sample (on average)
Starting Material 50-100ng of metagenomeDNA
Sequencing Type 2x250bp PE (standard)
2x300bp PE
Bioinformatics Analyses Standard Metagenome Analysis
Turn-around Time About 4-6 weeks from passing sample QC
Data Storage 3 months
Details on Bioinformatics Analyses Services
abm offers exploratory bioinformatics analyses for metagenome samples from OTU classification to alpha/beta diversity analyses to facilitate your next discovery. See our sample report for more details.

  • abm RNA Sequencing
  • abm RNA Sequencing
  • abm RNA Sequencing

Project Design/Advice Assistance
All of abm's sequencing services are performed by a group of specially trained and experienced scientists partaking in a streamlined workflow. Please contact our technical support team with details of your project requirements at [email protected] and our technical support team will be happy to work with you on confirming the details of your NGS order.

Confidentiality and Service Policy
All customer information is held in strict confidence. All materials and information sent to us and the products produced by us for the order are the property of the customer and will be returned to the customer or discarded in a confidential manner. We only archive customer materials when instructed to.

Our goal is always to deliver high-quality useful data to aid you in your research. We perform extensive maintenance and quality assurance on our equipment and strict quality control of samples throughout the sequencing process. However, next-generation sequencing by nature does not always deliver equally robust results due to a variety of factors, such as the variability inherent in the library preparation process, the biochemistry that takes place during sequencing and the quality of samples that we receive. We will make every effort to deliver the number of reads that are listed, although it is not possible to guarantee that those targets will always be achieved. The actual number of reads passing filter may vary by up to 10% from the listed target. Studies by various institutes have shown that there is minimal difference in coverage for 10% variation in reads past 5-10 million total reads.

All services are for research use only.


Is your company certified as a service provider for Illumina Sequencing?
Yes, we are a certified Illumina service provider.
What kind of analysis software do you use for sequence analysis?
The Illumina sequencers come with the integrated software that can perform the regular bioinformatics analysis functions. In addition, we have extensive experience with other open access software such as Galaxy, Adnuril, BioBike, etc. In other words, we are willing to perform additional bioinformatics analysis with different software and tools to satisfy a variety of demands from our customers.
What kind of QC methods do you adopt for the customer's sample(s)?
We will perform QC on your Total RNA samples prior to sequencing them, using the Agilent Bioanalyzer (industry standard) to determine the RNA Integrity Number (RIN). If the RIN is lower than 8, we consider these samples as having failed QC. If the samples do not pass QC, we will ask you to send us new samples. If we do not receive new samples, thereby cancelling the sequencing order, there will be a QC fee of $50/sample. This fee will be waived if you choose to continue with the sequencing order. A strict positive and negative control will be applied to this QC process. The library QC will also be performed using the Agilent Bioanalyzer to determine library size and purity. Also, prior to loading the libraries on the sequencer, we perform qPCR quantification. The cost for this is included in the sequencing service. For the QC of the final data from our sequencing service, the integrated software will generally do the job and provide adequate QC information, however, we can also provide additional QC data such as FASTQC upon request. The data we output will pass our Q30 filter, which means that the error rate in base calls is less than 1 in 1000, or 0.1%. We will get a percentage at the end of the run which states the percentage of bases that have a Q score > 30, and this percentage is usually ≥85%.
What is the lead time for your WGS, WES, and RNA-Seq services?
Our sequencing lead times depend on workload, but are typically 2-4 weeks for sequencing data + 2-3 weeks for standard analysis. Please inquire for lead times for more detailed analysis.


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