abm’s iLenti™ RNAi Expression System is now available in Adeno-associated virus format, combining the efficient expression of any siRNA with the advantage of non-integrating AAV for a new, powerful gene knockdown tool for gene therapy. The system is based on a unique convergent promoter design for greater efficiency of target gene knockdown without the need for a hair-pin loop structure commonly utilized in single promoter vectors, and includes a GFP reporter for monitoring transduction. abm offers a comprehensive library of human, mouse and rat siRNAs in vector or pre-packaged AAV format available in multiple serotypes for tissue-specific knockdown. We also offer scrambled controls across our full line of serotypes.

Advantages of AAV:

  • Do not elicit significant immune responses in vivo
  • Broad tropism - tissue specificity with different AAV serotypes
  • No integration into the host genome
  • Ability to transduce both proliferating and quiescent cells
  • Long-term expression in non-dividing cells

Choosing the right serotype for your experiment: The tropism of each AAV serotype is summarized in the following table and serves as a preliminary guideline. abm also provides AAV Serotype Blast™ Kit to assist you in pilot serotype selection studies.

AAV Serotype Tissue Specificity (X= Recommended Application)
CNS/Retina Heart Lung Liver Skeletal Muscle
AAV1 X X X - X
AAV2 X - - X X
AAV3 X X - X -
AAV4 X X - - -
AAV5 X - X - -
AAV6 - X X X X
AAV7 X - - X X
AAV8 X - - X X
AAV DJ X - X X -
AAVDJ-8 X - X X -

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