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CRISPR Activation (CRISPRa) allows you to selectively activate any gene by up to multiple thousand-fold. The key to CRISPRa is the dCas9-SAM complex, consisting of a catalytically-inactive Cas9 fused to a Synergistic Activation Mediator. The dCas9-SAM system can be targeted to the promoter of your gene of interest by expressing it in combination with specially-designed CRISPR Activation sgRNAs.

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abm offers a complete collection of sgRNA-expressing CRISPR activation plasmids and viruses designed specifically for CRISPR Activation of any human, mouse, or rat gene. Our CRISPRa sgRNAs are available in lentivector or pre-packaged lentivirus for your convenience. Pair with our dCas9-SAM lentivector or dCas9-SAM lentivirus for the perfect CRISPR Activation experiment!

CRISPR Activation with dCas9-SAM Lentivirus
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