Cas9 Expression Vectors and Viruses

abm offers the widest array of Cas9 vectors and viruses on the market, from spCas9 and saCas9 nucleases to null mutants and nickases, in a variety of viral delivery systems. And now available are vectors expressing dCas9 fused to effector domains for gene activation or repression (dCas9-SAM and dCas9-KRAB).

Pair our Cas9 products with an sgRNA expression vector or virus from our ready-to-use genome-wide knockout collection or activation collection. For CRISPR knock-in experiments, we offer ready-to-use repair templates.


Our Cas9 collection includes:

Type Description Knowledge Base
Cas9 Nuclease High-efficiency CRISPR genome editing nuclease available as spCas9 or saCas9 (smaller than spCas9 and suitable for packaging into AAV expression systems). Read more about different Cas9 nucleases here.
Cas9 Nickase Generates single-stranded nicks at target site for repair via the Homology Directed Repair (HDR) pathway to minimize off-target cleavage effects. Read more about Cas9 nickases here.
Cas9 Double Mutant (null mutant, dCas9) Cas9 with non-functional cleavage domains but with gene targeting function via sgRNA still intact. Useful as a tool for reversible knockdown of gene expression. Read more about Cas9 null mutants here.


Other CRISPR Delivery Tools:

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Need recommendations on which CRISPR components you need for your experiment? Try our CRISPR Experimental Design Tool.


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