In Western Blotting, a positive control lysate serves to demonstrate the efficiency of the protocol and to determine if the primary antibody is able to recognize the target antigen or not. abm provides a wide variety of ready-to-use Tag lysates (such as but not limited to His, Myc, and HA) as well as common human, mouse and rat cell-line lysates that can be used as reliable and accurate positive control(s).

High-quality total RNA is often required as a positive control for a wide range of experiments such as northern analysis, ribonuclease protection assay, SI nuclease assay, microarray gene expression analysis and whole genome sequencing. abm offers total RNA samples isolated from a range of tumour cell-lines originating from human, mouse, rat, rabbit, monkey and dog. Backed by rigorous quality control testing that ensures high quality total RNA with minimal genomic DNA, polysaccharide proteoglycan and RNase contamination, abm's ready-to-use total RNA samples provide for reliable and convenient positive control(s).