Custom Baculovirus

Several unique features of the Baculovirus System make this virus very appealing for preventive or therapeutic gene transfer. These include:

  • The ability to generate large amounts of recombinant protein
  • Expression of genes from bacteria, viruses, plants, and mammals at levels from 1-500mg/L
  • Several post-translational modifications possible; phosphorylation, glycosylation, and acylation

By pairing this technology with our expertise in virus packaging, abm offers custom Baculovirus subcloning and virus production, allowing high-level gene expression in insect cells.



"If I have any special needs or concerns, they are always dealt with by the Technical Support Team. I have always been pleased with the product and will continue to use this service for my research."

John Teem, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

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Service Details

Custom Baculovirus Plasmid Cloning
Service NameUnitCAT. NO.PRICE
Custom Baculovirus Plasmid Cloning with Compatible Insert 1 Service C173 $550.00
Custom Baculovirus Plasmid Cloning without Compatible Insert 1 Service C174 $650.00
Additional Charge for Extra 1kb*** N/A C100 $100.00
Custom Cloning Service
Service NameDescriptionUnitCAT. NO.PRICE
Gene Synthesis
  • For any sequence up to 8kb in size
  • Genes are fully-sequenced
  • Must be ordered with Subcloning Service (C173)
  • *minimum charge of $99.00
1.0µg C098 Starting at USD $0.18/bp*
Reporter Addition/Removal Service
  • Addition, removal, or switching of a GFP or RFP reporter in one of abm’s vectors or a vector of your choice
1.0µg C129 $350.00
Custom Baculovirus Production
Service NameUnitCAT. NO.PRICE
Custom Baculovirus Production (106 IU/ml) 10ml C148 $750.00
Custom Baculovirus Production (107 IU/ml) 2 x 200µl C149 $1550.00
Baculovirus Controls
Service NameUnitCAT. NO.PRICE
Baculovirus GFP Control Virus (106 IU/ml) 10ml BV001 $695.00
Baculovirus GFP Control Virus (107 IU/ml) 2 x 200µl BV002 $1495.00



  1. C173 or C174: These services must be ordered with a Custom Baculovirus Production service, either C148 or C149.
  2. C098 or C129: These services must be ordered with a Custom Baculovirus Production service, either C148 or C149, and a Custom Baculovirus Cloning service, either C173 or C174.
  3. ***Cloning of genes over 3kb are subject to an additional charge of $100.00/kb (C100). Please contact [email protected] for more information on available cloning vectors and restriction enzyme sites to qualify for the compatible insert service.
  4. For customer-supplied vectors, the customer must indicate prior to the service if any reporter expression will be expected or not. The expected reporter expression, e.g. GFP, should not require induction of expression. Due to differences in excitation/emission wavelengths for different fluorophores, we may not be able to provide infection images for fluorescent reporter expression other than standard GFP/RFP/mCherry.

Additional Info

An overview of abm’s custom Baculovirus service:

Baculovirus is a helper-independent viral system that is used to express heterologous genes. Because of their ability to efficiently infect a wide range of hosts, and their capacity to generate high yields of gene targets, the Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) has shown considerable promise to establish long-term gene expression in most cells. Polyhedrin and p10 are considered non-essential genes when Baculovirus is in culture, allowing the coding sequences to be replaced with a sequence for the target protein. Compared to bacterial expression systems, the post-translational processing and folding of recombinant proteins produced in insect cells more closely resembles mammalian processes, and the yields of functional protein are often much greater.

Step 1: Gene Synthesis and/or Subcloning
  • Strategy design and codon optimization
  • Gene synthesis or amplification/isolation of the gene of interest from a customer-supplied vector and subcloning it into a transfer vector with His tag
  • Sequence confirmation of insert
  • Estimated time: 2 weeks
Step 2: Virus Generation and Expression Evaluation
  • Transformation of gene of interest into E. coli with baculoviral DNA
  • Culture of E. coli and purification using mini-prep to produce an expression bacmid (recombinant viral DNA)
  • Transfection of Sf9 insect cells with expression bacmid
  • Plaque purification and viral titer assay
  • Small-scale culture to test expression level (His-tagged proteins only)
  • Estimated time: 4-6 weeks
Optional: Protein Purification
  • Virus stock preparation and amplification
  • Large-scale culture and infection of insect cells for protein expression
  • Purification from 1 litre of infected insect cell using affinity column of Ni-NTA or other column
  • Estimated time: 4-5 weeks


What advantages does a Baculovirus expression system provide?
Baculovirus expression systems can be used when bacterial expression is not feasible and also when a target protein with post-translational modifications is needed for functional and structural studies.
What is the biosafety level for Baculovirus?
Baculovirus does not infect human cells and is considered safe to work with in BSL1.
How long does a Baculovirus expression project usually take?
Most services, starting with the baculovirus expression plasmid, can be completed in 8-12 weeks.
Why choose abm’s Custom Baculovirus Production?
Capability: We can cover all aspects of your project from gene synthesis, cloning, and optimization to recombinant protein production and purification. Flexibility: Each aspect of our service is tailored to fit your specific project. We treat you as an individual, not a project number. Value: We focus on the quality of our service, all supported by competitive pricing. Experience: With many years of working with recombinant protein expression and virus production, we can help with the most challenging of projects. Please contact us to discuss your project and to request a personalized quotation.
What promoter does abm use in the baculovirus expression system?
We use the polyhedron (polh) promoter in our Baculovirus vectors because this is required for expression in insect cells.


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