Custom CRISPR sgRNA Lentiviral Vectors & Viruses

Use abm’s All-in-One lentivectors and lentiviruses that express spCas9 or FnCas12a (FnCpf1) along with the sgRNA to simplify the delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 technology right into the target cell. Alternatively, custom sgRNA lentivectors and lentiviruses can be used to deliver sgRNAs into cells that already express the spCas9 nuclease, and thus recruit spCas9 to the target gene (Check out abm’s Cas9-Expressing Stable Cell Lines).

Available Custom CRISPR Vectors and Viruses:
  AAV Vector
sgRNA for spCas9 Available Available Available Available
sgRNA for saCas9 Available - - -
All-in-One with spCas9 - Available Available -
All-in-One with saCas9 Available - - -
All-in-One with FnCas12a (FnCpf1) - Available - -
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Lentiviruses can infect both dividing and non-dividing cells in vitro and in vivo, and will integrate stably into the host cell genome, ensuring long-term expression of the construct even in cells that are difficult to infect. Lentivectors, on the other hand, allow transient expression and can be diluted out.

We can design sgRNAs for gene knockouts with spCas9 Nuclease, for promoter activation with dCas9-SAM, for promoter repression with dCas9-KRAB, or for transgenic knock-ins of Custom HDR Templates.

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"I have used abm's All-in-One lentiviral system to knockout human IL11, which worked really well. Our labmate also ordered the same system from abm to knockout mouse Axl, and she got good results, too. Thus, we want to stick to the same system."

Dr. Ejung Moon, Stanford University, CRISPR

Service Details

Cloning Services
Service Name Vector Quantity Cat. No. Price
Custom CRISPR sgRNA Lentiviral Vector (for spCas9) – single target pLenti-U6-sgRNA-PGK-Neo 1.0 μg C437 $95.00
Custom CRISPR sgRNA Lentiviral Vector (for spCas9) – set of three targets pLenti-U6-sgRNA-PGK-Neo 3 x 1.0 μg C441 $250.00
Custom CRISPR All-in-One Lentiviral Vector (with spCas9) – single target pLenti-U6-sgRNA-SFFV-Cas9-2A-Puro 1.0 μg C438 $105.00
Custom CRISPR All-in-One Lentiviral Vector (with spCas9) – set of three targets pLenti-U6-sgRNA-SFFV-Cas9-2A-Puro 3 x 1.0 μg C442 $280.00
Custom CRISPR All-in-One Lentiviral Vector (with FnCas12a / FnCpf1) – Single Target pLenti-U6-sgRNA-EF1a-FnCas12a-2A-GFP 1.0 μg C515 $195.00
Custom CRISPR All-in-One Lentiviral Vector (with FnCas12a / FnCpf1) – Set of Three Targets pLenti-U6-sgRNA-EF1a-FnCas12a-2A-GFP 3 x 1.0 μg C516 $465.00
Packaging Service - Standard Size Titer CAT. NO. PRICE
Custom CRISPR Lentivirus Packaging – single target 300 μl 107 IU/ml C445 $420.00
Custom CRISPR Lentivirus Packaging – three targets, individually packaged 3 x 300 μl 107 IU/ml C447 $940.00
Custom CRISPR Lentivirus Packaging – three targets, pooled packaging 300 μl 107 IU/ml C448 $420.00

*For additional titer or volume options, please inquire.

Additional Info



What promoter(s) do your sgRNA and All-in-One lentivectors have?
sgRNAs are expressed from the U6 promoter and All-in-One lentivectors and lentiviruses express Cas9 from the SFFV promoter.
What is the approximate time frame to generate CRISPR lentiviral constructs?
The typical lead time is around 1-3 weeks for CRISPR lentivectors and 4-6 weeks for lentiviruses. Please inquire for a more accurate lead time.
How should I store my lentivirus?
Aliquots should be made for the lentivirus and stored at -70 degrees Celsius.
If a high-titer custom lentivirus was ordered, do you do the lentiviral titration after a freeze-thaw or straight after production before the freeze-down step?
We do the titration after aliquoting and freeze-down. Thus, the titer should be accurate for the customer after they thaw the finished product for the first time.
Which virus has your lentivirus expression system been derived from? Is it HIV?
Our lentivirus expression system is derived from Human HIV-1 Virus. It employs third generation self-inactivating recombinant lentiviral vectors with enhanced biosafety features and minimal relation to wild-type Human HIV-1 Virus.
How do you verify the titer?
We use our LV900 series - qPCR Lentivirus Titration(Titer) Kit. This kit quantifies a proprietary region of the lentiviral 5’-LTR.
What is the packaging capacity for Lentivirus?
The maximum insert size is <9 kb between the 5'LTR to 3'LTR.


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