Custom CRISPR sgRNA Non-Viral Vectors

A non-viral vector from abm is the simplest approach to deliver sgRNAs into cells, ideal for expressing sgRNA in a transient manner to limit off-target effects. You can order custom sgRNA non-viral vectors to transfect into cells that already express the spCas9 nuclease, and thus recruit spCas9 to the target gene (check out abm’s Cas9 Expressing Stable Cell Lines). Alternatively, we can construct All-in-One non-viral vectors that express spCas9 along with the sgRNA, making it even simpler to deliver CRISPR/Cas9 technology right into the target cell. When the non-viral vector has done its work, it can be diluted out of the cell population by passaging; just monitor the GFP fluorescence signal until it is gone.

Available custom CRISPR Vectors and Viruses:
AAV Vector
sgRNA for spCas9 Available Available Available Available
sgRNA for saCas9 Available - - -
All-in-One with spCas9 - Available Available -
All-in-One with saCas9 Available - - -
All-in-One with FnCas12a (FnCpf1) - Available - -
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"Construct works beautifully, definitely will get more if needed."

Emily Chen, UCLA, CRISPR Constructs

Service Details

Service Name Vector Quantity Cat. No. Price
Custom CRISPR sgRNA Non-Viral Vector (for spCas9) – single target pNV-sgRNA-GFP 1.0 ug C439 $135.00
Custom CRISPR sgRNA Non-Viral Vector (for spCas9) – set of three targets pNV-sgRNA-GFP 3 x 1.0 ug C443 $360.00
Custom CRISPR All-in-One Non-Viral Vector (with spCas9) – single target pNV-sgRNA-Cas9-2A-GFP 1.0 ug C440 $125.00
Custom CRISPR All-in-One Non-Viral Vector(with spCas9) – set of three targets pNV-sgRNA-Cas9-2A-GFP 3 x 1.0 ug C444 $355.00

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