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abm offers an Endotoxin Detection Service for customers from research, clinical, environmental laboratories as well as pharmaceutical or medical device industries. Such detection service of biologically active endotoxin is achieved by a cell-based colorimetric assay. Cell culture samples sent in by the customer will be examined by our very own special expertise for an efficient and reliable result. With our experience and strong customer focus, the Endotoxin Detection Service (C409) can be provided to meet our customer’s quality control needs.

Endotoxin is a complex lipopolysaccharide(LPS) and is a major component of the outer membrane of most gram- negative bacteria. A single Escherichia coli contains about 2 million LPS molecules per cell. Bacteria shed endotoxin into their culture environment when they are actively growing, and in large amounts when they die. A complex Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) that are found in the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria are commonly known as Endotoxins. Endotoxins’ size is around 10kDa, however, its size could be upto 1000 kDa if it is largely aggregated. Bacteria releases such toxin upon its disintegration or death into the surrounding medium.

Experiment from both in vitro and in vivo can be affected by endotoxins and could cause bias testing results. LPS has been shown to have strong association with high levels of toxicity and immunogenicity due to its capabilities to stimulate leukocyte cultures to manifest tissue factors; as well as induced of IL-6 in equine macrophages; and could even inhibit the murine erythroid colony formation (1). As LPS is able to tolerate high temperature, and it can be toxic even without the presence of bacterial cell, it is crucial to detect endotoxin in time to prevent such contamination in culture, saving you the time and effort before the experiment gets deviated and invalidated.

  1. Ryan, J. Endotoxins and Cell Culture. Corning Technical Bulletin. (2008).

- Efficient – you just simply need to send in a cell culture sample for this service and a report will be given in a 5-10 business days.
- Convenient – we eliminate the wait times and the costs for you to acquire reagent and equipment needed to perform this assay.

Biological Samples/Cell Culture
Please send in 1 cryovial per sample containing at least 2x106 cells/vial. We accept samples in cell pellet form, in growth medium, freeze medium or phosphate-buffered saline.

Liquid Samples
Please send in 1 cryovial per sample with a minimum volume of 0.5ml for best results. However, if sample is limited, smaller amounts can also be accommodated. Please contact us for details.

*All samples should be collected under sterile conditions.

Please ship samples with sufficient amount of dry ice in order to keep frozen. For further information, please contact us.
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