Gene Expression Assay Service

Gene Expression Assay Service
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  abm’s Gene Expression Assay Service utilizes RT-PCR technology, with gene-specific primers designed to provide an expression profile on your relevant target genes. Each service includes cDNA synthesis from your RNA sample, primer design, primer synthesis, PCR assay set up and data analysis. Sample submission format can be either (1) total RNA shipped on dry ice, or (2) cell pellet shipped on dry ice (Custom RNA Isolation service charge will apply; Cat# C207, $450).

A certificate of analysis will be provided with each service.

To place an order, please contact with your sample name, and the gene name (with accession number) to profile.
Common Cell Type Markers
Cell TypeMarker
EpithelialCK18, CK19, Ep-CAM
EndothelialvWF, VE-Cadherin
Smooth MuscleSMα actin
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Do I have to design or send the primers to detect my marker of interest?
If the gene of interest is a common cell type marker (listed above), then we can design the primers free of charge. If there is a specific gene of interest to be detected, we would prefer that the customer sends us the sequences of validated primers. Customers do not need to send in the physical primers, but just provide their sequence(s). If we need to design such specific primers as part of the service, additional charges may apply and the lead time will be extended.
How much Total RNA or Cell pellet should I submit?
Total RNA: at least 2ug Total RNA/ marker
Cell pellets: at least 1 million cells/ marker.
If I am providing primer designs, how many primer designs can I provide?
Customers can provide a maximum of 2 primer designs per marker. If you would like us to test additional primers, extra charges will apply.
If ABM is doing RNA extraction, how many markers can ABM test with one RNA extraction service?
We can test 4 markers per RNA extraction service.