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Custom Recombinant Adenovirus Service

abm may already offer a cDNA adenovirus for your gene of interest in Human, Mouse, or Rat. However, if you want to express a specific isoform, or express siRNA/RNAi to interfere with a target gene’s mRNA, or work with a different species, abm still has you covered with our Custom Services. Just tell our dedicated and highly experienced team what you want to accomplish, and we’ll do the gene synthesis, cloning, and adenoviral packaging for you!

Advantages of Adenoviruses:

  • ✓ High transduction efficiency in most mammalian cells
  • ✓ Infection is not dependent on active host cell division
  • ✓ Low immunogenicity for high post-infection cell viability
  • ✓ Broad host range
  • ✓ High titers can be obtained
  • ✓ A popular choice in vivo (and in vitro) applications

"We are very happy with the product and the turn around time."

Dr. Alexandra Duverger, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Service Details

Service NameSizeTiterCAT. NO.PRICE
cDNA Adenovirus Production 1 ml 106 pfu/ml C001 $650.00
siRNA/RNAi Adenovirus Production 1 ml 106 pfu/ml C002 $650.00
Add-On Services
Service NameSizeTiterCAT. NO.PRICE
Recombinant Adenovirus Amplification 2 x 1 ml 109 pfu/ml C070 $450.00
Recombinant Adenovirus Amplification 2 x 1 ml 1010 pfu/ml C071 $550.00
Recombinant Adenovirus Amplification 5 x 200 ul 1011 pfu/ml C072 $850.00
Recombinant Adenovirus Amplification 5 x 200 ul 1012 pfu/ml C005 $1550.00
Plaque Purification using ABMC1 cells 1 service C004 $800.00
Plaque Assay for Adenovirus titer 1 service C006 $450.00
RCA Assay using A549 cells 1 service C007 $450.00
TCID50 Assay using 293 cells 1 service C008 $350.00
293 Cell Line - low passages for viral production Single Clone C009 $250.00
Neutral Red 5 x 1.0 ml 0.33% [w/v] G035 $35.00



  1. Any additional assays required (such as those listed above) can be provided on request, at an additional cost. The viral titer will be calculated by end-point dilution assay by default. abm cannot guarantee resolution of titer discrepancies involving any other quantification methods.
  2. For customer supplied vectors or seed stock, the customer must indicate prior to the service if any reporter expression will be expected or not. The expected reporter expression, e.g. GFP, should not require induction of expression. Due to differences in excitation/emission wavelengths for different fluorophores, we may not be able to provide infection images for fluorescent reporter expression other than standard GFP/RFP/mCherry.
  3. abm’s adenoviruses are replication-incompetent (-E1/-E3) and based on human adenovirus type 5 (Ad5).

Additional Info

pShuttle(+) pShuttle(-) pPromoter pShuttle-HA
More options are available upon request, please inquire.

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We are interested in expressing a large gene (~9000 bp). Can this gene be expressed using adenovirus and can your company clone the DNA and make the recombinant virus?
Adenoviral cloning and packaging will be challenging for genes over 8.0 kb, but we will give it a try and you don't have to pay if the project fails. However, you do need to subclone into our pShuttle vector first; alternatively, we will do it for an extra charge.
How much DNA should I provide for the custom adenovirus production service, Cat. No. C001?
We will need the pShuttle / plasmid DNA concentration somewhere between 0.15 μg/ul - 0.5 μg/ul and the final amount of DNA to be at least 8 μg.
Does your amplification service include any additional titer verification, such as a Plaque Assay, RCA Assay, or TCID50 Assay?
The viral titer will be calculated by end-point dilution assay. Any additional assays required (such as those listed above) can be provided on request, at an additional cost.
Can I provide crude 293 lysate of adenovirus stock to be amplified and purified?
Yes, we will require 5 ml of crude 293 lysate to perform the amplification service.
How much adenovirus stock do I need to ship for the amplification service?
We can accept a minimum of 125-250μl if your adenovirus is 10^6 pfu/ml to allow enough for further amplification. If you are able to supply more, we can offer a quicker turnaround time for your project. If your adenovirus stock is supplied at ≥10^8pfu/ml, please submit 250μl or more. Please ship the adenovirus stock on dry ice.
Do you sell the adenoviral vectors that you have used to make any of your prepackaged adenovirus?
Our adenoviral vectors are currently only available as packaged viral particles. We do offer custom cloning services if further modifications are desirable.
What will be the final composition of your high titer, nonpurified adenovirus?
Our high titer adenoviruses are re-suspended in 50 mM Tris-HCl (pH 7.0) with 5% glycerol


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