Custom Recombinant Adenovirus Service

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Service Description Cat. No. Price
cDNA Adenovirus Production Recomb. Adenovirus Expressing cDNA (1 ml of 106 pfu/ml) C001 $650.00
RNAi Adenovirus Production Recomb. Adenovirus Expressing 1 siRNA (1 ml of 106 pfu/ml) C002 $650.00
Adenovirus Purification Amplify and purify (2-3 ml of 109 pfu/ml) C070 $450.00
Amplify and purify (2-3 ml of 1010 pfu/ml) C071 $550.00
Amplify and purify (5 x 200 μl of 1011 pfu/ml) C072 $850.00
Amplify and purify (5 x 200 μl of 1012 pfu/ml) C005 $1,550.00
Plaque Purification Using ABMC1 Cells C004 $800.00
Plaque Assay Adenovirus Titer C006 $450.00
RCA Assay Using A549 Cells C007 $450.00
TCID50 Assay Using 293 Cells C008 $350.00
293 Cell Line Low Passages for Viral Production C009 $250.00
ABMC1 Cell Line For Plaque Assay; E1-expressing Retinoblastoma Cells C010 $250.00
Neutral Red 0.33% [w/v]; 5x1.0ml G035 $35.00
Any additional assays required (such as those listed above) can be provided on request, at an additional cost. The viral titre will be calculated by end-point dilution assay by default. abm cannot guarantee titer discrepancies through any other quantification methods.
Service Details
  Recombinant adenoviruses are versatile and highly efficient tools used for gene delivery and expression in mammalian cells. Numerous biological features of adenoviruses have made them the vector of choice for both in vitro and in vivo applications. They can infect a broad range of cell types with the highest efficiency. Additionally, their infection is not dependent on active host cell division. Another key feature for recombinant adenovirus is that high virus titers and high-level gene expression can be obtained in most mammalian cells.
  abm produces custom recombinant adenovirus containing full-length cDNA, allowing high level gene expression in host cells or an adenovirus construct containing RNAi oligos specific to a target gene to generate efficient elimination of target gene expression.
Service Agreement    
***Please see the service agreement document for additional details and options.***
Product Description Cat. No. Price
pShuttle (+) 1.0 μg A002 $350.00
pShuttle (-) 1.0 μg A003 $350.00
pSiShuttle 1.0 μg A012 $350.00
pShuttle Primer 250 μl (10 μM) C029 $65.00
*Free with custom service orders where customer clones the insert into pShuttle/pSiShuttle.
pShuttle(+) pShuttle(-)
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pSiShuttle pPromoter
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Product Quantity Cat. No. Price
CMV-β-gal Adenovirus(E. coli) 250 μl 000012A $375.00
Adenovirus 5 Adenovirus (Human) 250 μl 000013A $375.00
GFP Adenovirus 250 μl 000541A $245.00
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Submit a new question:
We are interested in expressing a large gene (~9000 bp). Can this gene be expressed using adenovirus and can your company clone the DNA and make the recombinant virus?
It will be challenging for gene over 8.0kb. but we will give it a try and you don't have to pay if the project fails. However, you do need to subclone into our pShuttle vector first, alternatively, we will do it for an extra charge.
How much DNA should I provide for the custom adenovirus service?
We will need the pShuttle / plasmid DNA concentration somewhere between 0.15ug/ul - 0.5ug/ul and the final amount of DNA to be at least 8ug.
Does your amplification and purification service include any additional titre verification, such as a Plaque Assay, RCA Assay or TCID50 Assay?
The viral titre will be calculated by end-point dilution assay. Any additional assays required (such as those listed above) can be provided on request, at an additional cost.
Can I provide crude 293 lysate of adenovirus stock to be amplified and purified?
Yes, we will require 5ml of crude 293 lysate to perform the amplification service.
How much adenovirus stock do I need to ship for the amplification service?
We require 250ul of adenovirus stock, shipped on dry ice.
Do you sell the adenoviral vectors that you have used to make any of your prepackaged adenovirus?
Our adenoviral vectors are currently only available as packaged viral particles. We do offer custom cloning services if further modifications are desirable.
What will be the final composition of your high titer, purified adenovirus?
Our high titer adenoviruses are re-suspended in 50mM Tris-HCl (pH7.0) with 5% glycerol