Fine-Tuning Gene Expression Vectors (Custom miR-Tuners)

Conventional mammalian expression systems rely on the usage of strong viral promoters (i.e. CMV and SV40) which over-express the gene of interest (GOI). However, over-expression of a foreign gene can lead to detrimental effects in the cell and importantly, fails to replicate normal physiological gene expression levels. To address this issue, miR-Tuner Vectors can be used to precisely fine-tune transgene expression levels in a predictable manner.

miR-Tuners are short, synthetic miRNA response element sequences which reside in the 3’ UTR of the GOI. These sequences are responsive to a native miRNA species which is widely expressed in many human and mouse cells. Using the miR-Tuner Low, Med or Hi will allow for precise low, medium or high expression levels of the GOI, respectively.

abm offers a variety of miR-Tuner Vector products which can precisely and predictably control transgene expression levels in mammalian cells. These products include ready-to-clone miR-Tuner MCS Lentiviral Vectors and Custom Cloning Services of your GOI into a set of miR-Tuner Vectors/Lentiviruses.


Fine-tuning transgene expression levels in mammalian cells for:

  • Engineered genetic circuits and cell lines
  • Studying physiological and biochemical changes


"Always amazed at the reasonable prices and breadth of selection for genes of interest available on your site. Thanks very much!"

Brian DeBosch, Washington University in St. Louis

Service Details

Service Unit Cat. No. Price
1. Choose Insert Format
a. ORF (choose from our existing ORF Library) Not a Deliverable N/A From $45.00
b. Gene Synthesis Per bp C098 Starting from USD $0.18/bp
2. Choose Product Format
a. Vector Options:
miR-Tuners Set of 3 custom cloned vectors (puromycin) 3 x 10 µg LV106 $895.00
miR-Tuners Set of 3 custom cloned vectors (NGFR) 3 x 10 µg LV107 $995.00
b. Lentivirus Options:
miR-Tuners Set of 3 lentivirus (puromycin), 107 IU/ml 2 x 200 µl each virus LV108 $1850.00
miR-Tuners Set of 3 lentivirus (NGFR), 107 IU/ml 2 x 200 µl each virus LV109 $1950.00
Product Unit CAT. NO. Price
miR-Tuners Set of 3 Control vectors
3 x 10 µg LV104 $350.00
miR-Tuners Set of 3 Control Lentiviruses, 107 IU/ml
3 x 200 µl LV105 $850.00

Supporting Data

The reporter gene Firefly Luciferase was cloned into the set of miR-Tuner Lentivectors and transfected into HEK293T cells. Following 24h incubation, the cells were lysed and subjected to a Luciferase Assay with the output RLU measured on a standard plate reader. As seen below, miR-Tuner Vectors were able to predictably control Firefly Luciferase gene expression.   

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